Saturday, 19 May 2018

Dark Triple Goddess in Game of Thrones

Here is a close look into "A Game of Thrones" and there is a strong presence of gods from myths and legends. There are characters who stand out as being similar to the Greek gods, others who are more like the Titans and other magical creatures. Let us go into the Dark Triple Goddess.
Now in Westeros, the majority of people worship the Seven gods: Father, Mother, Warrior, Maiden, Crone, Smith, Stranger. Of the Seven, three of them are females: Mother, Maiden and Crone. In our world Maiden, Mother and Crone are the Triple Goddess.  In "A Game of Thrones" there are three female characters who are more feared than loved. They're the darker aspect of the Triple Goddess. They're destructive and have survived throughout the series so far. Each of the three characters are different to all of the other women in the whole series. The Dark Triple Goddess is Arya Stark (maiden), Cersei Lannister (mother) and Melisandre (crone). We all know that Arya wants to kill Cersei and Melisandre. In legends, if the Maiden kills the Mother and Crone, it's a sign that the world is rotten to the core. In fairytales, the princess maidens end up replacing the evil dominant queens and witches. Does this foretell that Arya will survive until the end? Will she complete her list and overthrow Cersei and Melisandre? If she does, will she break the magical spell cycle and end the White Walkers threat? At the end of Season 7, the dead are now walking as begins the Long Night. Cersei and Melisandre have killed far more people than Arya has. All three, Arya, Cersei and Melisandre stand out as figures of evil and death. Arya says she's "Death" a few times. Cersei knows she's evil and has killed so many people. Melisandre has burned innocent people alive, with the view that those are sacrifices. So there are the Dark Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone) (Arya, Cersei, Melisandre).
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