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A close look at Cinderella

Theories of a werewolf.
Who was Cinderella?

A rag-to-riches story, a girl forced to run the house by her wicked step family. She doesn't have anything nice to wear. She's not allowed to go to the royal ball. Her fairy godmother transforms Cinderella's rags into a beautiful gown, pumpkin into a stage coach, newts into footmen, a rat into a coachman and mice into horses. Cinderella went to the ball and danced with the prince, but at midnight, everything transformed back into mice, rat, newts, pumpkin and rags. Cinderella fled quickly before the prince saw anything, only to find Cinderella's glass slipper that fell off when she ran down the steps. The prince wanted to find her so he went out searching, going to every house, asking maidens to try on the glass slipper. It didn't fit anyone because it was small.Then it fit Cinderella and he married her.

Questions: Where was Cinderella's dad? Who was the fairy godmother? Why didn't the glass slipper transform back to nothing? Does Cinderella have really such tiny feet?

Answers: There isn't a father mentioned. There is only stepmother and stepsisters. We can only guess that both Cinderella's parents are dead. The fairy godmother is a magical being such as a fairy or a goddess. The glass slipper was unique and probably made from magic and can't change to anything. Yes Cinderella must've had very small feet, and her glass slippers moulded to suit the shape of her feet.

Most favourite part of the story: The ballgowns. The original story as told in classic fairytale books have Cinderella wearing three gowns because there were three nights of the royal ball.

Least favourite part: Cinderella forced to stay home cleaning.

Mythical counterparts: Not sure but the fairy godmother reminds me of the goddess Freyja, the goddess of love and beauty. She made Cinderella look stunning and so beautiful, and brought love into Cinderella's unhappy life.

Magical pieces: The ingredients of pumpkin, rat, mice and newts. All of them make food ingredients and fed poor people in the Dark Ages. Pumpkins have been used as a protection tool against evil spirits. Mice are often unseen, they're too small and quick, living in hidden places. They're considered delicate and fragile, like Cinderella. A rat is considered a survivor and greatly fertile. Newts and the witchy saying "Eye of the Newt" with other grotesque things like bat wings and frogs comes from Shakespeare.

Cinderella's traits: She's got tiny feet. Chinese women used to bind their feet so that they could wear tiny shoes. 

Overall message: The story of Cinderella is telling all girls that their dreams can come true if they work hard. What Cinderella appears to have done to deserve being rewarded is being mistreated by her step family. The supernatural can come to help a girl find happiness, as this is what the story projects. But the glass slipper itself, despite being small, is made of glass, that is shiny and casts rainbows, and reflect things within. Glass can dazzle and hurt eyes too. Cinderella drew attention to herself because of her sparkling and flashing glass slippers.

My Werewolf Theory: The story of Cinderella has darker undertones. The presense of mice and rats indicate that the house was unlean, or there was an infestation or a plague. The pumpkin always used to symbolise two things in times passed, the spirit world, and poverty. Pumpkins can feed an entire village for weeks, and if sown with just a few seeds, it's going to make a bountiful harvest the following year. Cinderella communicated with animals and she had a lot of bird friends. The fairy godmother is a recent character, to replace something more depressing. Cinderella planted a tree over her mother's grave, and one day when her stepsisters went off to the ball, Cinderella found beautiful gowns under the tree each night for three nights. The stepsisters sliced off their toes to make their feet fit into the little glass slipper, although Cinderella's birds informed the prince of the deception. He looked at their bleeding feet without toes and was horrified. After Cinderella and the prince marry, a flock of birds swoop down and peck out the eyes of the stepsisters. It looks like Cinderella was quite a villain in the older stories before the retelling by the Brothers Grimm.   

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