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Queen of love and beauty

Game of Thrones is full of symbolism and echo from our ancient stories, myths and legends. There are thousands of these hidden cryptic myths in the novels "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin, that the TV series Game of Thrones is based on.
Lyanna Stark is a character who's been dead before the begining of the books, although she's often mentioned throughout the books in various chapters. Many people say that she was like her niece, Arya, but there are also people who say that she was kidnapped by the crown prince, Rhaegar Targaryen, the dragon.
She was bethrothed to Robert Baratheon the stormlord. He used his war hammer to kill Prince Rhaegar during a battle. Afterwards, the brother of Lyanna found her dying in a bed of blood.
This character Lyanna is associated with blue roses. A crown of blue roses was given to her when Prince Rhaegar chose her as the "queen of love and beauty". He ignored his own wife to crown Lyanna. After this major event, which caused a scandal, Lyanna vanished completely and it was the crown prince who spirited her away.
In ancient myths, roses are linked with goddesses Aphrodite, Freyja and Flora. The lover of Aphrodite, Adonis, was severely wounded by a wild boar, so Aphrodite used blood, tears and white roses to cure him. Aphrodite scratched herself with the rose thorns and her blood turned the roses a red colour. Robert, the bethrothed of Lyanna, was killed by a wild boar although Lyanna had been stone dead for years by then.
Blue roses are associated with royalty and blue blood. Lyanna is a descendant from a long line of Starks, and the Kings of Winter. Blue roses are the colour of frost and they grow in the glass gardens of Winterfell. This action of Prince Rhaegar in crowning Lyanna the "Queen of Love and Beauty" was him flirting with politics. By making this sensual move to the Stark maiden, he was giving a nod to the Winter Kings and rebelling against the realm and his own family. If the novels are in line with the details in the TV series, because future books in the series haven't been published yet, then it will explain that not only is Rhaegar and Lyanna parents of Jon Snow, but that Rhaegar attacked upon the Seven Kingdoms, and started a war that overthrew the Targaryen dynasty. At present, Rhaegar's sister, Daenerys wants to "break the wheel" that her ancestor created. She didn't begin to do this. Her dead brother Rhaegar started it and brought chaos.
Lyanna Stark is in ASOIAF myths, a "winter maiden," "wolf maiden" and "blue rose". Yet she's down in the dark cold crypts, among all the Starks going back centuries, and only her statue is a reminder of what she was like. She reminds us of Persephone, who, was called "Kore" (maiden), and abducted by Hades, and Persephone became Queen of the Underworld.
Lyanna is the only woman to have a statue of herself in the crypt. If, in the books, she was secretly married to the prince, that would mean that she was the mother of the true king. The ancestor of Rhaegar and Daenerys was Aegon the Conqueror, who made the King of the North, Torrhen Stark, bend his knee and become Warden of the North. Now Rhaegar, as open and deliberate as he could be, made Lyanna the Queen of Love and Beauty. There was more to the silence among the audience who witnessed it. He ignored his pregnant wife, and in front of everyone he used the blue roses of winter to return the crown back to the Starks.
He "married" the newly coronated Queen of the North, and took her away to a hidden tower. This could be why Lyanna was buried in the Winterfell crypt and that she was the first Stark queen for hundreds of years.
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