Saturday, 23 June 2018

Wolfen (film)

"Wolfen" (1981) is a supernatural film directed by Michael Wadleigh, starring Albert Finney, Edward James Olmos and Diane Venora. It was based on the novel "The Wolfen" by Whitley Streiber.
The film is a murder investigation into the brutal deaths of three people, a tycoon, his wife and their bodyguard. A lot more deaths happen as the film progresses. What the film does is enter the disaster zone of the Bronx, which looked like eerie ruins and rubble.
There was a desecrated church, home to the secret pack, with the broken stained glass windows, featuring a wolf face. This isn't so much a werewolf film but a film about phantom wolf creatures called Wolfen who dwell in shadows. The film used a load of top notch equipment that was advanced for its time, while seeing through the point-of-view of the wolfen. It was the first film ever to use a thermographic type lense.
I rate this dark dismal movie a 7/10 because it sent chills down my spine. There was a lot of creepiness as well as gore. All that horror needs.
Favourite fact: Those were real wolves used in the film and so guns were nearby, loaded and ready, just in case.
Howls ^^

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