Thursday, 21 June 2018

DNA result of dead werewolf

The DNA result of the creature called "Werewolf" has come back...  quickly, I might add.
It's result is a Grey Wolf. So now people have stopped calling it a mysterious wolf, but a canine with some slight "variations". The wildlife experts were all baffled earlier because the appearance wasn't typical of a regular wolf. Because of science, now everyone is saying that is the end of the matter.
Well it isn't. Having grey wolf DNA doesn't prove anything except that the animal belongs to the canine family. A werewolf should contain wolf DNA. So should hell hounds and the mysterious dogmen creatures sighted in many national parks and countrysides, forests and fields. They would all have canis lupis DNA. It doesn't mean that the animal isn't unusual. They admit that this poor dead animal isn't a normal wolf. Having grey wolf DNA just means it's got canine DNA. So what?
This dead animal has wolf DNA. It confirms that the creature isn't a bear or a mutant raccoon as a lot of skeptics have put out online before. But it doesn't mean that the dead animal is a regular wolf either. People assume that an unknown and supernatural wolf/werewolf shouldn't have wolf DNA. We know now that the dead wolf is a weird and strange wolf.
Result of the dead animal's DNA article:
Don't give up the faith because of science.
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