Sunday, 10 June 2018

Howling VI: The Freaks

The next Howling movie is "Howling VI: The Freaks" (1991) directed by Hope Perello, starring Bruce Payne, Michele Matheson and Brendan Hughes. This film in particular isn't about werewolves, but it has one werewolf character, Ian the anti-hero, who has a tragic past. His entire family were slaughtered by a sinister vampire. He travels alone on foot carrying just a toy that belonged to his dead sister and a bag full of old paper clippings. He finds work in a small town church, befriends the local preacher and his daughter, then a circus arrives in town. The circus performers were quite a show, and the rest of the movie lacks the gore and darkness of an atmospheric werewolf setting. It focused mainly on the circus and it's creepy owner Harker. All in all, quite tense in places, a bit too sunny in others. I rate this film a 5/10.
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