Sunday, 24 February 2019

The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead is a 1981 horror film directed by Sam Raimi. It stars Bruce Campbell who plays Ash. This is the second of a series of Evil Dead films. Despite the slightly comedic themes of the sequals later, the original film, The Evil Dead, was more serious. If it was ever meant to be funny, then humour in 1981 was so awfully dark.
Ash, his girlfriend, sister and other friends go on a car trip to a remote isolated cabin in the middle of the woods. The cabin is very old and the friends raise demons by accident. The demons themselves hover outside in the dark, choosing the women to possess first and bring about their sheer bloodthirsty evil. Pretty atmospheric with eerie dark smoke, creepy looking moon, sound effects and nasty trees.
I rate this gruesome and macabre film a gory 6/10.
Scariest moments? The eyes!
Howls ^^

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