Monday, 4 February 2019

Dark wolf sayings in France

Here are a couple of interesting wolf sayings with some background from France.
"Between the dog and the wolf" is a saying in France, which is Entre chien et loup. It has a very curious meaning. such as when it's the time of twilight and the light is low, when you see a dog's shadow, it appears like a wolf. The dog represents the real world, the wolf represents the supernatural and Otherworldly. It's said to be quite a creepy saying that implies something or someone is a lot darker than you thought they were.
Another strange French idiom elle avoit vĂ» le loup translates as "She has seen the wolf". It describes when a girl has lost her virginity, and the saying is in reference to "seeing the wolf" may be a folkish origin tale about girls, their menstrual periods and losing their virginities as closest to the moon and lunar cycles. The symbol is obviously about blood. Menstrual periods and flow of blood. Loss of virginity can result in bleeding. As the cycles with the moon change, the moon has always been linked to werewolves. The tale of Little Red Riding Hood by the Brothers Grimm, is a story from a load of collected traditional oral tales that are many centuries old. The French saying and the story by Grimm connects back into Dark Age continental Europe, and possibly before.
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