Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fairytales and inner female strength

If you examine fairytales closely, the most powerful women are always the most evil. Look at the evil queen in “Snow White”, and the sheer terror she generates and the power she has without any visible king at her side. Look at the influence and godlike will that the thirteenth fairiy has in “Sleeping Beauty”. Look at the amazing witch who owns the gingerbread house. What about the other witch Baba Yaga? and the power that she generates through fear. The tyranny of the stepmother and wicked step sisters in “Cinderella”.
Okay and what about the benign women with supernatural qualities that outdo anything the men have. For example, the fairy godmother in “Cinderella” who steps in to control destiny and change fate. The fairies in “Sleeping Beauty” and the Blue Fairy in “Pinnocchio”. Let us not forget Mother Holle and the Swan Maiden.
What of the heroines? The princesses and maidens in fairytales might be so “sweet and cute” but they do actually have a very important role to play and their position in the story is strong. Goldilocks, brave girl entering a house and fleeing three bears. Brave Red Riding Hood for talking to a large wolf. Courage to Snow White, a victim of abuse imho who ran away, sleeping rough, living with total strangers, and been a target of someone jealousy. Let’s not forget the loving Little Match Girl who braved the cold winter snow and saw visions of warmth, food and comfort before she passed away to be with her nana. Look at brave Little Mermaid who sacrificed a part of herself (her body and her voice) to be with a man she loved, only to lose him for another, and she then took her life.
Many people overlook the pitfalls and pain these heroines have gone through and it’s because they want women to be either armour clad or buxom wenches. These heroines are just girls and women, coping with life.
Also with modern tales, lets say cheers to Alice and Dorothy, as well as the Wardrobe girls and plenty others for going on such adventures.   

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