Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Bounty Tax of Death (Part 4)

(Story: genre - Horror)

The walls appeared strange. He went inside and looked closely. Bones. The walls were covered in them. Ribs, mainly. And along the corridor were animal skulls that were enormous.
"What is all of this?" Seth asked, feeling a little freakd out.
Mr Thantos closed the door and stood, holding his cane with composure.
"You," Mr Thantos said "are looking at the fine works of my youth. I made all of these from clay and resin. I did it in the likeness of the skulls themselves."
Seth studied one such skull nearest to him. It was full of sharp teeth with a head almost as big as a car. He looked closely and the bone seemed real and not any form of fakery. He didn't want to argue with Mr Thantos now, it was his school. H wanted to know how he can win Bikeball. The last thing he needed was to argue with his would be trainer.
Bones didn't matter. They were just animals.
Mr Thantos lifted his cane and at the top was a shining blue stone. Seth didn't see it before but then he never looked closely at Mr Thantos or his cane. He didn't even like being near this stranger. He felt a cold breeze and a girl walked passed him, with her hair all matted and her long dress tattered.
He saw Mr Thantos talk to a boy for a short while, and even the boy seemed out of place.
"Is this some religious school?" Seth asked Mr Thantos after the boy had rushed off.
Mr Thantos shook his head.
"No, it isn't a religious school. We do accept children of all faiths here in Obsidion School. Our students come from all walks of life."
Sounds fair. Seth wasn't from a rich family, but they weren't religious. If the school doesn't mind where he comes from then he might enrol on this teaching of Mr THantos.
"Okay, I'm in" Seth agreed.
"Good, so I need you to sign a form. Just turn up every Friday evenings from seven until ten at night. At this very site."
Mr Thantos produced an envelope with a form inside. Unsealed.
"Don't you need my parents to sign this? I don't know how much it is."
"No need to worry about that yet, you can sign it as you're already interested in the programme. It will just take a few seconds. Paying is no issue. It's a free course."
"Wow!" Seth thought. It was too good to be true.
Mr Thantos gave him a pen and Seth scribbled his own quick signature on the line at the bottom, without reading any of the terms and conditions. Mr Thantos was grateful. Seth was free to go.
As he left the building, he turned round and looked at the school. It seemed to be so deralict and rotten in appearance from the outisde but inside it was full of activity.He just needed now to get a new bike and he'll be on his way to beating his friends at Bikeball now, with a secret class in being better at sport. ( be continued)

Story by Rayne

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