Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Bounty Tax of Death (Part 3)

(My story: genre - Horror)
The Obsidion School looked like a very grim place. A mass of brick and mortar, with a crooked appearance. All of the windows looked dense with grime, cobwebs and some cracked. The roof had moss and even twigs shooting up through the chimney. The air was electric in the school grounds.
Seth had never come to this place very much. It was in a dead end part of Backwater, next to thick woods and an abandoned rotten church with blackened headstones, all now overgrown.
It was a free school for "strange kids" as everyone told him, including his parents. He attended the local secondary school, Backwater Green High, at the other end of town. But this place, Obsidion school, was a tip. It was a real dump. The only people that lingered near this place sometimes that he saw on his bike journeys were vagrants and tramps. Once the police had arrested some drug addicts here as was mentioned in the Backwater newspaper and that was the only exciting thing that happened to Obsidion School.
The front door was huge. He couldn't find any buzzer, so he used the brass beastly door knockers to bang three times. He waited a little while, and the door opened in the centre. He couldn't see anyone at first. Then Mr Thantos stood in view, still dressed in his hooded cloak.
"You've arrived," said Mr Thantos.
"What did you do to my bike?" Seth asked.
"It's a question that you ought to be asking your friends," he replied. "I found your bike left in the woods and so I decided to return it to you. I left it just over your garden fence."
He grunted a thanks.
Seth noticed some kids in school uniform pass behind Mr Thantos. Seth was feeling uneasy, but not sure why. The smell that oozed out through the door from within the school was sickening and unpleasant. It looked dark inside and almost decayed.
"Are you wanting to stay for my lecture?" Mr Thantos asked, never once with any change of expression.
Seth shook his head. "No, I need to be going back".
"I will just explain how you might win your game and beat your friends if you just stayed for about ten minutes. But if you want to leave, you can go then. But I'm leaving after this night and won't come back here again."
Seth wasn't sure to believe him or not. Something about what Mr Thantos said made him convining enough and wise enough to know what he was talking about. He could kill ten minutes, just ten minutes. Just spend a short while listening to what he had to say that will help him play better at Bikeball might be worthwhile, if not, stupid.
Seth went inside the school and Mr Thantos closed the door. He showed Seth the lecture room and it was just through the nearest door. Everything in the school was dark. No lights, no colours, no posters, pictures, displays, Nothing. Only.... what was that?!!!!
(To be continued)...

Story by Rayne    

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