Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Bounty Tax of Death (Part 8)

Story by Rayne, genre is Horror
(...continues from Part 7).

The sky was gloomy. It was so dark that his solar watch didn't spin. Watches, spinning toys and solar powered gadgets was all the rage. His bike used to have solar poweredtoys attached that helped him light up in the dark or indicate to cars where he was planning to turn. It was removed when he started playing Bikeball. Now without his bike, all crushed and useless, dumped on a heap in a tip, he could only walk to his two schools. But he didn't wanna!
He decided to travel with his scateboard to Backwater High and tonight to the class in Obsidion School. He zoomed there, and planned to ask Belinda why she sent him a bunch of flowers. It embarassed him. In front of his family too. That was too much and he didn't know her. Belinda was quiet but she looked grubby and smelled. She wasn't his type.
He arrived on time. Mr Thantos was at his desk, reading. Seth took a seat at the back, again as usual. His favourite seats were always at the back.
He stared at the walls, the table, chairs, ticking clock, the pitch black view of the window. The flickering candles. The cracks on the walls. Cobwebs! The grime and condensation like blood on walls and doors. The dust piled in dunes in corners. Cobwebs that looked ancient crossing over the other seats.
The place looked more terrible than before. Where had all the dust and grime come from?
"Sir?" Seth asked. An hour passed. Mr Thantos just read, and no one else had turned up yet.
He cleared his throat and asked again and louder. "Sir!"
Mr Thantos slowly looked up.
"Seth?" he asked.
"Where is everyone?"
"They're not here today. It's just you and me."
Seth sighed. "I should go," he said.
"Very well, but have you learned anything yet from my class?" Mr Thantos asked.
Mr Thantos stood up and lifted his cane. He looked at Seth with his cold pale grey eyes and he seemed terribly old, far older than he used to appear. Perhaps it was the effect of the candles.
"Seth, do you know why you're here?"
These guessing games were growing very boring. They were dumb questions.
Then, the cane in Mr Thanton's grasp altered. It had to be a device. It now had a severely sharp metal blade at the top, and resembled a giant knife. Seth lifted his skateboard and slowly moved away from his desk, looking at the door to escape.
"I don't plan to use this against you, dear boy!" Mr Thantos said. "It's a scythe. It's what I use in my work. Farmers used to work with one of these to cut the grass."
Seth wanted to run.Mr Thantos and his giant scythe was too close to the exit.
"Do you know who I am, Seth?"
"A lunatic?"
"No," Mr Thantos said. "I am the Grim Reaper".
To be continued...

Story written by Rayne Belladonna

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