Saturday, 25 November 2017

The Bounty Tax of Death (Part 10)

Seth backed away and he was stopped by a tombstone. The bodies continued to crawl from out of the dirt, and the smell was just too overbearing. He covered his nose.
Mr Thantos lifted the scythe and stared at Seth with a look of hatred.
"Seth! I will own your soul as I possess every other you see!" Shouted a raging Mr Thantos.
Then with a flash of lightning, the tall hooded figure removed the scythe from Mr Thantos and pulled him into a shadowy opening by the church. Mr Thantos screamed as he was dragged through the mysterious door, and then both Mr Thantos and the hooded figure were gone. The shadowy door was nothing more than just a shadow cast by night.
All of the bodies that were rising from the graveyard soil collapsed. In a puff of smoke they were gone. Seth could only see his fellow Obsidion School students standing there, staring at him.
He swore at them.
"Help us, Seth," Belinda said.
"Yes, help us find the door in the wall," said Paul Forester.
"We're stuck here," Mark Bucket spoke up.
"Mr Thantos kept us all trapped here," Tammy said.
"He bricked up the door and we can't get out," Dan said.
Seth looked around at all of the rotten corpses, many of who were disappearing in smoke and dust. The smell was fading. But his group of weird classmates were there, pleading with him, and he could barely take anymore of this madness tonight.
"Paul!" Seth looked at the one who had been his friend and even chatted to him in Backwater High. "What's going on with you, Paul? What aren't you telling me?"
Paul stepped forward, and looked sad.
"Sorry, Seth, I wasn't totally honest with you. I've been dead since 1968. I had an accident and all I know is that I need to go through that wall. I'm stuck here. In this town."
"You're a ghost?!" Seth laughed. He couldn't believe it.
"Only you could see me. You're the only one who can see us, Seth."
Belinda moved closer to Seth, and she wiped tears from her eyes.
"I passed away in 1766," Belinda told him.
"So is that your grave?" Paul asked, pointing at the headstone that said: "HERE LIES BELINDA STADELL 1748 - 1766".
"Yes it is".
Seth backed along the tomb and tried to turn and run but he felt paralysed.
The others each told him of their deaths and how every one of them were buried in this churchyard. Mark Bucket died of the Black Death plague in 1430. Dan died in 1850. Tammy died in 1993.
Mark ran. He ran behind the church to find a way out and get away from them all. But he came to a place in the wall that he didn't notice before. There were fallen bricks, revealing an opening. Soon, the others, Paul, Belinda, Tammy, Dan and Mark appeared, seeing this new broken wall.
"You found it!" Paul said, "Thanks!" They all ran through and Seth stood there, and he looked. All of them had disappeared into thin air.
Weeks passed and he was celebrating his birthday. His mother organised a party and allowed some alcohol and she prepared the food buffet. The house filled with more than 40 people, friends and associates, as well as friends of his siblings. He answered the door. When he opened it, he saw a stunning girl in a white dress smiling at him.
"Who are you?" he asked.
She gave him a blue box and said:
"Happy Birthday Seth, you're the true grim reaper." and walked away.
"Hey, come back!" he called out. It was too late. She was gone.
He wondered who she was. Her eyes were green hair was golden. He opened the box, and inside he found a sweet smelling little cake in the shape of a skull. A note inside read "To Seth from Belinda".
He ate it. The cake was chocolate and ginger. Belinda. He got up and ran to the door, and he pulled it open and sped along the street, looking for the girl. He couldn't find her.
Then from the shadows a man staggered with a bottle of whiskey, smelling of death.
"Lad?" the man asked. "Can you show me the way into the wall?"

The End

Story by Rayne 

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