Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Do cats bring bad luck?

No they don't. This is an old medieval superstition that cats are associated with the devil and are witches familiars. During the Middle Ages, paranoid people were so afraid of cats and dogs, that they began exterminating the helpless animals by the thousands. Once all the domestic dogs and kitties were gone from Britain, the Black Death plague moved in. No cats left to kill any of the infestation of mice and rats coming off boats. These crazy ideas still linger today. People are scared witless of seeing black or white cats crossing their path. They’re too scared to adopt a fluffy kitten over Halloween because they think it’s evil. There are people who believe cats want to rule the world, and others who are vindictive and steal other peoples cats to make a quick buck. There are some who blame cats for pollution and causing damage to the environment, harming wildlife and causing mass extinctions. No, it isn't cats responsible for those things. It’s humans that are the cause of bad luck.

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