Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Angels of Mons

During the First World War, some British soldiers were in the trenches. They all saw the same thing that appeared, angelic beings, also women dressed in long white robes and golden armour. Also, soldiers witnessed the shining forms of bowmen shooting arrows, knights and ancient kings with swords descend on the frontline, during crossfire. Also the weird thing is, the German soldiers had seen it too! Weirder, soldiers on the enemy side, Germans, found covered in arrows! This particular Battle of Mons was seen by both sides. Apparitions of medieval and supernatural armies all shining and positioned between the Germans and British.
Many people doubt this ever happened. Even back then, once the stories about the Angels appeared, it was shunned as vivid imagination brought about by shellshock and the effects of war. Possibly even brough on by mustard gas. Sceptics use this story to discuss mass hysteria when time of war happens, many people are able to witness an event of paranormal that isn’t there, but seen by all because of traumatic events.
Religious people use this event to enhance the fact God was on the British side. Or Christians think that regardless of what side it was, there was some form of divine intervention during WW1. A topic that throughout human history, God/angels, gods/goddesses,ect influence the shape of humanity and put people on a certain destined path. The Angels of Mons is regarded as one of the most convincing and popular myth and legends of modern times. Personally what do I think? During war, soldiers can become to distressed psychologically that they need some sort of paranormal event to help them or atleast reveal itself to give them spiritual comfort during such horror. I believe all these soldiers witnessed something incredible. But was it real? For them yes it was.

By Rayne Belladonna
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