Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Bounty Tax of Death (Part 6)

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Story created by me, continues. Story genre - Horror

...Continues from "The Bounty Tax of Death" Part 5... The second day of the class, one week later.
Seth found it boring again, and couldn't understand the significanc of it. He wondered whyMr Thantos asked him there and most of all, should he discontinue going anymore. He learned just about nothing. It was as boring as watching paint dry. As dreary as listening to his dad and he old friends discussing politics.
He got to know the other students better, although oddballs as Mr Thantos was.
Belinda Stadell was always wearing old fashioned dresses and had some leaves in her hair. He felt drawn to her, because of those green eyes and her intense flower smell that was almost sickly.
Paul Forrester was the geek of the class, in wide rimmed specs and always in those golfer style clothes. He also attended Backwater High school but in the brainier class.
Dan Cartwheel was a sombre and moody character dressed in black with these pretentious ruffles and laces. He wore riding boots and sometimes arrived at school looking like a goth.
Tammy Chain was the other girl in class. She was a definate emo who did her make-up so thick, had studs along her eyebrows and lips and nose. She had black painted nails and a rose tattoo on her right forearm. She wore black clothes, and she stank of toilets and hospitals.
Now there was Mark Bucket. He was the dirtiest and foulest smelling kid of the class. He was the most smelliest peson who Seth had ever encountered. He had to hold his nose when he was near Mark. The poor scruff had very long hair all tangled in dreadlocks and grass, mud and leaves, just like Belinda. Except Belinda wasn't as filthy or smelly. Mark wore these shapeless huge shirts and baggy clothes with pointed leather shoes. Mark spoke as if he had a frog in his throat. Another odd feature of Mark was the boy's black fingers, as if he'd dipped them in paint and never washed it off.
Seth was about to leave at the end of class, when Mr Thantos called him.
"Next week, you'll learn what I'm trying to help you with," the teacher spoke.
Seth was dimissed. He went outside and watched Belinda walking away through the old graveyard. He could kill ten minutes just out of curiosity and follow her.
He walked through the gravestones, and saw Belinda stop. He waited, and then he blinked. Belinda was gone, He rushed over and came to where she had been standing. A gravestone, not so clearly marked in old faded writing:
( be continued)

This story is by Rayne.
Image was designed by Rayne using Lunapic.  

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