Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Meet the werewolf ladies

Hail and merry meet.
This is a page dedicated to all of my BFF werewolves called Fenrir's Daughters. I wanted to make a portal page to each of these werewolf girls telling their tales. These werewolf characters are fictional and more fantasy than horror. They were created and written by me. I hope you enjoy reading about them. I don't own any of the pictures per Fenrir Daughter page although if you know the artists let me know. Drop us a comment. No spam please.

Abigail Star
Tara Blaze
Zareen Tehrani
Poppy Darkmoon
Kat Howlite
Snow-White Winterborn
Larissa Blue
Masika Rage
Marielle Ice
Scarlet Rose
Chandra Stripe
Jewel Helva
Honey Cicatrice
Ophira Shadow
Crystal North
Diana Bloodstone
Emily Phantom
Fiona Biter
Zircona Troix
Cherie Ironpaws
Selene Hunter
Fallon Garnet Fang
Urielle Foxglove
Grace Vilkshimmer
Tammy Violet
Bailey Shadow Fen
Wendy Terror
Lucy Ghost
Izel Coztic Cuetlachtli
Sandra Echo Amber
Indigo Fury
Cara Lunar
Hunra Al-Qamar
Vanity Alba Lupa
Charlotte Ombre
Emily Moonstone
Sarah Belladonna Lobo
Sheba Cherika
Abigail Jet
Trina Spaka-Zvezda
Blossom Prowler
Opal Yaksha
Lianna Sangmond
Nancy Lupin
Azalea Terrorbark
Tanzy Bright Moon
Ruby Starblood
The Blaze Sisters
Haru Mun'ookami
Zoe Glacier
Darcy Faoiltiama 
Estella Wild
Bella Ochre-Woods
Frostine Blackthorn
Gwenda Nightshade
Jasmine Greywolf
Rochelle Moonbeam
Ruby Dominicanis
Princess Valencia
Wilone Blackwolf
Sapphire Wolfmoon
Maria Storm
Pamela Hattidottir
Sienna Skollblod,
Emily Mustard
Chen Tiangou
Helen Chartreuse
Pearl Chono (Part One: Childhood),
Pearl Chono (Part Two: The First Time)
Pearl Chono (Part Three: Pearl Sword)
Veronica de Poison 

These stories were all written by me and I own them, please contact me and ask for permission to use them. Also give credit back to this blog She Wolf Night.

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