Monday, 30 October 2017

Scary happenings at home

I have several encounters going back since childhood being scared. I was very little and woke up during the night. I wasn’t alone in the house but I’m definately sure the only person awake in the house. It was always pitch black, waking from scary dreams. I was woken often in the dead-of-night and saw people in my bedroom all looking at me. They were around my bed, and just bent over looking down at me. They had no expression on their faces, and I didn’t know who they were. I saw them a lot of nights waking up and seeing the same people. Sometimes it was just one person there, and I can remember one of them looked like an old witch. Her hair was very long, and she wore a big dress. It made me nervous so much going to bed that I started sleeping under the blankets, so when I woke up, I would only be hiding and those people couldn’t see me. The following morning, nan came in and said “Oh you’re sleeping inside the bed!” I’ve been sleeping under the blankets ever since. I can never sleep without hiding.
Older, I woke up at the age of 9 years old to hear the sound of something or someone playing in my room. It was dark. Everyone else was asleep except me and that noise. It was someone playing with my things, tapping the desk, the sounds of someone scribbling a pen, ect. It was pitch black. I lay there feeling so scared. I couldn’t takre it anymore so I screamed. My nan came in and asked what was wrong. I told her, and she put the light on and told me there was nothing in my room.
Adulthood: I woke up during the night in my twenties and saw a glowing white figure stood in the corner of my room. It was close beside the wardrobe. I had the curtains closed. The figure disappeared. I wondered if it was a trick of light. I looked away and thought about it, and in the corner of my eye, the glowing figure returned. I looked back and it vanished. I sat up in bed and each time I looked away, the phantom thing would return but disappear as soon as I looked at it. I realised it was playing games with me. Sometimes it vanished as soon as I looked at it, other times a few seconds after looking at it. I felt extremely cold and hid under the blankets. This light, whatever it was, didn’t come back.
I was woken up by the sounds of someone in my room, and feeling someone tapping the bed, and shuffling it. Then the sound of someone thumping the headboard and the posts. I thought it was my dad, annoyed with me for over sleeping, but after I sat up, shocked to find no one there. Soon shocked to discover the house was empty. I called my dad, and he was at work.
I’ve been washing dishes late at night sometimes. Once someone came into the kitchen, I thought it was my boyfriend who came down to eat something but he disappeared. I screamed. My boyfriend was up in bed fast asleep. I’ve been kind of alone in the house and heard voices so I think someone is home but it turned out to be empty. I’ve been alone and seen mysterious cats appear in the house who just disappear into thin air. I’ve seen orbs floating near me but “flee” when I attempt to go near them. I’ve watched an orb of light dancing around the walls and furniture and swivel up the stairs. I couldn’t find any source of light doing it, even my watch wasn’t doing this because I was so still and had my hands behind my back. At one time I’ve seen a figure of a wolf in my back yard (where I used to live) staring in at me through the patio door. I could go on as there are tons of them but I’m going to have some coffee.   

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