Saturday, 28 October 2017

What the dead taught me

Contacting spirits of the dead is dangerous and also creepy. I don't suggest anyone do this. I've posted an answer to someone wanting to know how to communicate with the spirits of the dead and I wrote this:
"I’m not going to tell you. This will only open a door and bring in any kind of entity. It won’t just be bothersome for you but for many others reading it and wanting to try, including kids. So I’m not going to post any spells or techniques. It’s best that you don’t contact the dead using any means. If the dead want to make contact with you, and it’s either loved ones who passed over or your spirit guides, then they will send you a sign. Spirits of the dead can appear to us in dreams, this is their way of communicating. Have you lost someone close? If you have, did you have a dream where your phone rang and you answered it, only to hear their voice? This is a very big clue that spirits are making contact."
However, I will briefly mention it here on my blod, just be very careful.
I didn't intend to open a door to the spirit world at first, I was using some form of divising tool that locates water and can be used as a compass. Soon it was responding to my questions, and eventually moved on its own. From that to the next stage of ouija board!!!! The same spirit got through, supposed spirits of family, deceased characters I never knew and other beings that identified themselves as spirits. 
They taught me how to scry. 
They taught me how to see through walls but I can no longer do this now.
They taught me how to call down the moon.
They taught me how to listen to voices in the wind.
They taught me how to use automatic writing.
They taught me how to see auras.
They taught me the different types of auras and what they mean.
They taught me above the importance of colour coding.
I'm not saying people should contact the dead, at all. I no longer do this because what I explained happened many years ago. I'm not cut out to be a psychic medium. At the end of that year, I suffered coughing fits similar to whooping cough that made me vomit white sticky fluid or clear fluid that disappeared. I believe this was no whooping cough because I overcame that a long time ago and it never comes back. What I was experiencing might've been a type illness that also made me rid myself of bacteria. The vomit wasn't like normal vomit. It resembled ectoplasm.
As Halloween is coming near, I wanted to write some scary stuff and paranormal matters.  

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