Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Ragnarok already happened

The world did end. It’s not The End, or total finished. Transferring, changes, some from the old world notices. The sun, stars, moon, people and even names and landscapes different. What happened was a result of Ragnarok. The giant wolves that eventually ate the sun and moon is symbolic. The fate of the sun goddess is not a solar eclipse but a solar collapse. It signified the death of our sun, the yellow giant star. We were living in the Sagittarius Arm of the galactic spiral. With the death of the sun, as scientists had for many years speculated the sun was dying, all planets and moons died too. Now we have awoken in the new world, on the Orion Spur, with a different sun, one that is a white dwarf star. Ragnarok already happened. You could say that the Norse signs of Ragnarok with the death of the sun goddess made way to a new age on a new world with a new sun. The wolves: who ate the sun and moon and caused deaths of gods include Fenrir, Hati and Skoll. Those three wolves are giant cosmic wolves and they represent the Winter Triangle (Sirius star, Canis Major and Canis Minor). Those dog stars are aligned close to Orion, who is a warrior and a possible symbol of the Norse god Tyr. Tyr fought Fenrir the wolf god and lost his hand. The tale of the wolves eating the sun and moon and destroying all life occurred too. Jormungandr or World Serpent is like the equator itself. That was destroyed by Thor, meaning the former earth’s centre was gone. You could say this is why people have weird experiences, such as “reality shift” or “Mandela Effect”. It’s just a few years before leading up to Ragnarok (2016), there were three “Fimbulvetr” Winters. The UK was part of the Arctic in winter three winters. Then “spirals” or portals in the sky. Also were scenes of cities in clouds and eneormous sky booms and trumpets echoeing across vast distances all over the world. 

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This post is taken from my comment in Quora in answer to the thread: "What would be your favourite way for the world to end?" 

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