Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Past creepy things

Halloween is coming and some spooky bits to write about.
While doing some research, I came across a couple of phantoms on a live webcam taken in Willard Library a few years ago. Unfortunately the computer has gone and I didn’t save the picture. It looked like a woman in white browsing the bookshelves.

I’ve also had encounters that were chilling. I remember waking up to see a ball of light in my bedroom. It was a blue coloured light just hovering above the floor. It seemed to be staring at me as I slept. Then as I was gradually waking up and noticed it, I looked at it closely and it “flew” away, leaving a trail of light.

I was sat on the computer once and there was an enormous bang. It sounded like a firework and it came from in the room. People heard it and asked me what it was. Then it happened again and I saw a large football sized orb of orange light in the room that was close to the table where I sat. It vanished into thin air. The same house was full of odd things going on. I heard footsteps in the corridor, lights switched on by themselves, the central heating turned on by itself. 

Also I heard a man’s voice say my name and it sounded like he was standing right behind me. I looked round and there wasn’t anyone there. In that house, I was woken up very early one morning by the sound of someone banging in my room. Then it banged on the bed’s bottom frame and shook me in the bed. It was done with such force. I sat up and there was nobody there. Then the following night when it was dark, the same thing happened again only not banging, just something prodding and poking me. I felt terrified. Found out later that the house installed a Victorian piece of furniture that used to belong to an old building. I felt this had a lot to do with it.

To do your own little ghost hunting without ever movin from your room at home, go and visit Willard Library homepage and check out their Ghost Cams. You can watch as the camera refreshes, it's on live and who knows you might see a spirit.

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