Monday, 7 December 2015

Fenrir's Daughters: Abigail Star

(A story by Rayne)

It was Winter, the icy leaves were crystalline and glittered in the faint red sun. A few hours earlier, I was feasting on breakfast in a warm kitchen. Now I was feeling so cold.
A scream turned the air so frostier. It came from within the forest of pine. I didn't want to go in there, not on my own without a weapon. Anything could get me in there. As it got someone else. No, I retreated. Maybe I would skip the journey to the river and go without fish for later on. Vegetables can do well for today.
The long journey home suddenly felt closer as I ran on all fours. The screams faded behind me and I was desperate to go home.
I saw the wooden cabin peering through the trees up a slope and it made me smile. I went into the house and shook my fur. I would have to sweep it up later. Returned to my human form, I locked the front door. I opened the cupboards to grab some cake but it was just crumbs. I looked in the larder, and it was just a scrawny carrot and an onion. Was that all that was left? I could make a soup with that, I suppose.
Then suddenly outside was a frightening scream.
I looked out of the window. I felt so alone. What was that? It might've been the same scream that I heard in the forest. I can't be sure. I closed the curtains. I went to the kitchen and boiled some water. I started to chop up the carrot. There it was again! I jumped and nearly cut my finger on the knife. The scream!
I peered through the curtain and saw a dark shadow hovering near the window. I was filled with panic. A shadow spectre! I can't believe this was here! Why me?
Then I had an idea. It might not work.
I started to chop at the onion, and felt my eyes sting. No one likes onions. I put some of the chopped onion in a small bowl and carefully unlocked the door. I opened it very slowly and made the gap wide enough for me to put the bowl of onion outside onto the step. Then I quickly slammed the door shut and locked it. I was panting and trembling.
Then screams from outside made me jump with fright until I was not my human self. I was a wolf. I wasn't afraid now but it was wise to keep indoors. The shadow spectres live in the forest and kill anyone and anything that goes near them. This one followed me as it was determined to get me. They kill werewolves.
I looked out of the window with my wolf's shape, and saw that the shadow spectre was dissolving into smoke. Haha! Got it! Onions are poison to shadow spectres.
I waited for a while, and returned to my human shape. Once back into my human form, I grabbed some more chopped onions. I opened the front door and flung it at the shadowy smoke. Little bursts of violet coloured lights broke out, and with a loud Pop, the shadow and smoke was gone.
I went back inside, picked up the pot of boiling water and threw it across the front door step right where the shadow spectre once hovered. I went indoors and locked the door again. Was I too afraid to go out? Would I ever be free to take a trip down to the river? Will I be safe to venture into the village and buy goods? Yay. Now I know how to dispose of the shadow spectres, I always arm myself with a string of onions and a basket of spring onions at the ready.
My name is Abigail Star and that was my story. I'm a werewolf girl and 17 years old. I used to live with my mamma, who's now in hospital fighting cancer, and now I look after the house. Sometimes my aunt, uncle and cousins visit me. I study in school in the village every Monday (Moon Day) and I work making clothes for werewolf children of the village.
Some call me Star because of a diadem on my forehead that I;ve always had since I was small. This diadem lights up when I'm in my wolf's shape. It was a gift from my late grandmother. She said that I was a carrier of magic. There's still much to learn.
I belong to an exclusive club called Fenrir's Daughters, and I'm certain other members will tell their stories to you in the following days, weeks and months ahead.
So remember this, if you want to protect yourself from nasty entities and shadow creatures, use onions. It works for me, and I'm sure you could try it too.

(((By Rayne)))
This is of the Fenrir's Daughters fictional stories I made.

All rights reserved. 
 Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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