Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Fenrir's Daughters: Zareen Tehrani

Hello. I'm Zareen and I'm 17 years old. For many years I've always wanted to have this beautiful doll that always sat in a toy shop window. It had white ringlets, blue eyes and wore a pretty blue silk dress. My parents always promised to buy it for me. They never did. I waited each year but they said "Maybe it will come for your next birthday" and it didn't!
Then one day the doll wasn't sitting in the window. I went in the toy shop and asked where the doll was.
"We sold it to a lady", the shop assistant said. It was heart-breaking news.
Then after celebrating my seventeenth birthday, I was out under the moonlit sky. I just changed into my wolf's shape and prowled the village and the woods. I soon came upon an object on the floor. It was a filthy doll covered in mud. I picked it up with my canine jaws and carried it back to the house. This doll had white ringlets, big blue eyes, and dressed in a silky dress. It was my doll! The same doll that used to be sitting in the toy shop window! I found her at last! I was so happy.
So the next morning when I was human again, I washed this doll and placed her outside in the garden to dry. Later on that evening, the doll was dried and I took it upstairs to my bedroom.
Then to my utter shock, the doll spoke to me.
"Can you help me?"
I stared at it for ages, and I lost my voice. Was it fear? Probably. I didn't know it could talk.
"Find the toy shop and burn it down!" the doll shrieked.
That was disturbing. 
"No I can't do that," I replied, feeling so scared now.
The doll's eyes blinked. The it said something very chilling to me: "If you won't do that for me Zareen, I will burn your house down and kill you!"
I didn't hesitate to pick it up and throw it out the window. Before it landed, it burst into a ball of flames. The burning doll landed on the grass and turned into smouldering ash.
This happened a few months ago. As I think of the doll I feel cold inside. I once loved it but then it tried to kill me. Perhaps mother and father were right not to get me that doll?
I belong to a secret club called Fenrir's Daughters. You heard my story and others will tell you their stories. 

((Written by Rayne, part of the "Fenrir's Daughters" compilation stories)).

All rights reserved. 
 Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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