Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Fenrir's Daughters: Zircona Troix

This happened a long time ago when I was just eleven years old. It was a moment in time when I discovered that I was no ordinary girl.
First of all, I lived in a cottage in a small village with my parents and my brother, Garm. He was fourteen years old at that time. Our dad always had to go away for work, a lumberjack he was, and sometimes he spent camping trips with men. Our mom was indoors cooking and knitting. She made beautiful crotchets and sold them at the market we had visit each month.
It was those days when my brother Garm and I took a regular trip to the phonebox up a steep hill and made calls to granny when she was alive. We asked her if she wanted anything like food or medicine. Mom would put things in a basket for granny.
Garm and I went to the phonebox. We spoke to granny and all she wanted was mom's homemade jam. We left the phonebox and that was when I saw it.
"Hey Garm!" I pointed at the shining light in the trees of the woods.
"What is it?" he asked.
"I've not seen that light before!"
"Neither have I. Let's go and take a look!"
We ran down the hill and took the path leading through the woods and we saw the twinkling light through the trees further up ahead. When we got there, we found it was a car. It smelled bad. It was very odd since there wasn't any roads passing through the woods.
"I don't like this," I said.
"We must get out of here!" Garm suggested.
As we turned to leave, a voice behind us shouted "Kids! Stop!"
We saw a fat man with a knife. He came at us brandishing the knife and we started to run, but he was quick. He grabbed us both. He swore at us as he dragged both of us into the car. He slammed the doors shut. Garm was growling but I was crying. Soon I felt something take over me and I jumped towards the man and bit him on the hand. He screamed.
I wasn't sure what happened. Garm leapt on the fat man biting and snarling. Garm was no longer a boy that I knew, he was an adolescent wolf!
That was it. The man was stunned and we ran and left as quickly as we could. I noticed then that I was running on all fours. We went home and mom saw us but she wasn't upset. She knew what we were. Later she told us that both she and dad were able to become wolves. She ran off to to the phonebox and contacted the police.When the police arrived half an hour later, Garm and I were back to ourselves again.
We found out later that the fat man was still alive but he was wanted for robbery and used a get-away car.
I'm now 45 years old with kids of my own. I'm in Fenrir's Daughters and needed to share my experience.    

(((Fiction stories of Fenrir's Daughters written by Rayne)))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert. 

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