Sunday, 27 December 2015

Fenrir's Daughters: Emily Phantom

The moon was not full tonight and it was cloudy anyway. I'm not able to transform into a wolf this time but my senses are acute. My name is Emily and I'm 20 years old. Being in Fenrir's Daughters has made me connect with loads of other female werewolves and now I can pass on my story. This is what happened a year ago.
I met a handsome boy named Duke. Yes, he was a werewolf too, and I could tell that instantly. He was about a year older than me. He was always riding a beautiful motorbike and he was dressed in black leathers. He had very long hair and piercing blue eyes. He always smiled at me when I passed him every morning as I rode on my pushbike to school.
Then after many weeks I decided to talk to him. I just planned it carefully. I stopped my bike, pretending there was something wrong with the wheel and he stopped riding to check on me. We ended up on a few dates and that he always took me to the cinema to watch classic horror films. He loved metal music and he was so interested in bikes and medieval weapons.
He was warm and strong. One full moon night we turned into wolves and ran across the fields.
Then one day he stopped calling me. I called his number and it was switched off. So I got my big sister Amy to help as she works for the local gazette.
She came to me with devastating news about Duke. He was tragically killed in a road accident the day after we were together. I was depressed for a long time so it proves I loved him. Some say werewolves don't have any emotions. Even other werewolves believe in this rubbish. It isn't true. I loved someone and now he's gone.
My sister found Duke's burial place in a werewolf plot just next door to the main cemetary. I visit his grave every weekend when I'm not busy and I lay fresh flowers on his grave. I also found that he lived alone with his ageing werewolf grandfather who was deaf. Once I saw the old man in the form of a grey elderly wolf the night before I heard that he passed away in bed.
Too much death. I light a candle for Duke as I think of him and I wonder why they say werewolves are unfeeling and cruel when I can't help suffer, knowing that the man I loved has died.

(((Fiction stories of Fenrir's Daughters written by Rayne)))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.   

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