Thursday, 10 December 2015

Fenrir's Daughters: Poppy Darkmoon

It was the first snow of December. I live with my aunt in a cottage, overlooking the valley that drops down to the silver river. There we catch fish and sometimes ducks.
I'm Poppy Darkmoon and 15 years old. My parents died in a fire when I was small. I don't really remember them. Aunt is a widow and her only son is grown up and left to join the army. So it's me and her.
Now this cold morning I looked out the window and saw a fleet of colourful tiny boats moving along the river. There were loads of them. I put my coat and boots on, went outside and ran down the hill to the river bank. There were many many boats and they were all made of paper. I went back home to tell my aunt what I saw.
"Poppy, those are rememberance boats made by children of the village," she said. "Each boat is for a soldier who died in war," she replied sadly. I know she was thinking of my cousin. He son in the army.
I went upstairs to my room and opened my trunk full of toys and books. I found an empty scrap book with a different coloured pages so I tore out two sheets, one blue and the other pink. I folded them into boats, and went downstairs to show aunt.
"The blue boat is for dad. The pink is for mum. I'm going to the river and let them go."
Aunt smiled, but her eyes were still sad.
I went down the hill and placed each boat on the river. The water was gentle today and the tide was slow moving. I watched the two boats drift along, among the other boats for the dead soldiers.
That night I became a wolf and went out, enjoying a run and howling in the night. But as wolf I noticed there was still paper boats drifting along the river. There must've been millions of them. So many soldiers who lost their lives. And each boat would journey to the spirit world.
I'm a member of Fenrir's Daughters, a club full of werewolf girls and ladies. I hope that you enjoyed this story as it's the one I want to share the most. Others from Fenrir's Daughters will tell you their stories soon.

(((Fiction stories of Fenrir's Daughters written by Rayne)))
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