Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Fenrir's Daughters: Tara Blaze

(A story by Rayne)~

Nothing was awake in the village tonight. It seemed nothing was living. Just the rustling of dead autumn leaves, and moaning of branches in the wind. That's all. And I'm cursed here.
Once, I spitefully stirred a pot mixed with beans and spices with added spiders, beetles and Psilocybe semilanceata magic mushroom. I was being very naughty. It was my darling's special meal for his birthday. My fiance, Tavish Hunter, is 25 now. He wasn't aware that I put some pieces of dead rabbit ash in his birthday cake earlier. I did it as a joke. He won't know about the spiders, beetles and mushroom! This will be a laugh.
I poured the soup in the bowl when it was ready. As I was ready to carry it inside, a voice startled me. Standing behind the garden fence was a strange woman in white.
"Don't you dare!" she hissed at me.
"What? Who are you?" I asked her.
"I'm the deceased mother of Tavish!." She pointed at the food and said "if you give him that poisonous muck, you'll be lost forever!"
This was not funny.
"Get away or I'll call the police!" I shouted.
Then she disappeared. I thought little of her threat, and considered that the stranger was mad or drunk. I didn't care either way. My mistake. I carried the soup indoors, and laid it on the table. Tavish came into the room and hugged me. He smiled when he saw the soup. I started to giggle.
"Thank you so much for the food, my lovely Tara" he said.
"I made you some birthday soup," I grinned. "Hurry up and eat it before it goes cold!"
Tavish sat down to eat.I watched him eating it up and then he started screaming. "Tara!" "Tara!" He was starting to see things. I burst out laughing. Tavish jumped around trying to escape furniture that he imagined was walking. Haha!
I couldn't stop laughing. Then Tavish ran outside screaming. It was so funny!
But then I felt a lot of pain. Suddenly I was screaming in agony and writhing on the floor. I never felt so much pain in my life. It was a horrible pain, as if I was being burned alive.
Then quickly I felt alright, pain was all gone, except I was not me anymore. I was a wolf! It was the first time that I became my new self. But my human self was gone forever. I never returned to my old self again.
Days later, when Tavish came back well, he didn't recognise me. He tried to shoot me dead with a rifle. I couldn't stay. Men came after me and drove me out of the village. I couldn't speak in my normal human voice anymore. I couldn't tell them I'm really Tara.
This was my punishment for tormenting the one who loved me.
I'm Tara Blaze and that was my story. Sometimes when I look in a reflection, I can see my human Tara self looking back at me but she's always laughing. The joke was all on me in the end.
Now I belong to a club named Fenrir's Daughters, the only place where I'm accepted. You should hear of their stories soon as you've heard mine.

Story by Rayne
Part of the Fenrir's Daughters fiction that I'm making.

All rights reserved. 
 Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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