Saturday, 19 December 2015

Fenrir's Daughters: Marielle Ice

The streets were dingy. I walked from the train station to the hotel, then back outside to get my bearings. A freezing air, full super moon, a perfect night to do an inspection.
The town was one of the most obscure in my constituency. It was quaint and isolated between valleys and dense forests.
I became my wolf self, and knew that there was a curfew that night as I ordered it to be. Only a station guard was on duty, and he saw my shadow against the walls that night. I knew he was frightened because he didn't come out of the ticket booth.
I noticed trails of old blood, from many years ago, leading around the streets like filthy ghosts. Weather couldn't diminish it from me.
The town was full of mysteries, including cold cases like these. People disappeared then found in terrible conditions days after they were reported missing. Their bodies were somewhat covered in "animal marks," according to forensics but it doesn't explain the knife wounds or the missing jewellery. One victim had his watch removed. It was more than just animals.
I'm not a police detective but I am a shapeshifter and my wolf side is clever. I know that the traces of old blood carry the whiff of other creatures like me.
It was then that I returned to my hotel. I passed the station guard along the way and he was cowering in the small booth, and so I said "Good evening sir."
He relaxed when he saw me, for I was now transformed back to my human form. He was trembling, and he stuttered: "h hello m ma'am".
Back in my office, I pieced together documents and located the source of the killings. There was a gang of thuggish werewolves living in the town, often in trouble with the police. They had a lot to do with the mysterious killings and so they were arrested shortly after I notified the police with all the evidence.
It was then that I sought about passing through legislation. We now have our own laws within the law. Even if we werewolves don't exist in the eyes of the public, there is an official system in place for us as a community.
I set about ensuring that no werewolf attacks go unpunished. The law should come down on them and there are people like us who want to do more about it.
We werewolves need to let the world know that we don't stand for savage brutality. Gone are the days when werewolves just roamed the night, kidnapping and eating people. I say "Enough!"
We will police ourselves.
My name is Marielle and I'm thirtyone years old. I'm in Fenrirs Daughters, a secret club for female werewolves and I'm also a member of parliament. I've been responsible for introducing new laws to curb violence from other werewolves.
(((Fiction stories of Fenrir's Daughters written by Rayne)))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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