Saturday, 14 November 2015

Cosmic serpent or space transport?

So far my blog has been delving into ancient astronauts, ancient atomic war and it's mutations on wildlife that appear as monsters in mythology. Another ongoing topic of the same subject is touching on human origins. First of all there is no hard evidence or proof that humanity evolved from apes onj earth. None at all. The idea of human evolution is a theory, one that's become almost a religion that people cling onto with anger.
It's not so much how humans came to be physically, but how we got here on earth.
For instance, in the Americas there are many different tribes, different peoples and different cultures. Different places from deep in the jungles in South America to the chilly north. We're told that the early Americans arrived there via boats across water, or on foot (or on the backs of animals like horses, elk, elephants, mammoths or even auroch). The region of interest for most people is the land bridge Bering Strait, the most popular way of thinking. Yet there is no hard evidence that all Native Americans arrived across the Bering Strait. The time it took for them to reach the southern tip, build societies, close links with the environment in rainforests, mountains, prairies and hills throughout the vast continent would've been  sudden, not to mention the sudden appearance of cities, pyramids and incredible structures high up. That makes no sense. It's better to think that they were already living there, or arrived there from above.
I conclude that humans originated from space, fully formed as humans. In ancient myths, tales of winged serpents and dragons carrying the gods as a mode of transport. Initially humans landed on Mars, because earth might've been too hostile with dangerous activity.
Some people who believe in the idea of ancient astronauts think dragons and winged serpents might be just technological. However, could they be biological and space travelling too? Such an idea could be possible.
Now the unusual features on planet Mars, which holds secrets and reveals anomolies in photographs taken by the Martian rovers and space satelites. People nickname these oddities "worm tunnels" and they do resemble gigantic spinal vertebrea of snakelike fossils. Could those be the remains of an extinct creature that helped ancient astronauts travel throughout space?

Mars photos of fossilised cosmic serpents?



In ancient myths, winged serpents or airborne serpents were worshipped as deities. Consider the following deities: Quetzalcoatl and Mixcoatl; Rainbow god of the Ashanti; Cosmic Serpent, Shesha, Jormungandr, Rainbow Serpent, Danballah, Hydra, Ladon, Nidhog Nagar, Naga and the Dragons. 
Ancient people on earth reverred snakes and associated them with the cosmos, outer space, aerial travel, the sky and of course the gods.

 A connection between gods, who always lived on mountains tops, in the heavens or on other worlds, and the mortals on earth was the visitation of winged serpents. Often throughout myths, gods either appear to change into flying snakes or ride on them. This is like a throwback to humanity's beginnings on earth, when people first reached the planet on earth via gigantic space travelling "serpents". It's likely that humans had lived on Mars before coming here to earth.
Another subject one day for my blog, about planet Mars, the idea of Atlantis and alien DNA.

Above painting "Cosmic Serpent" by Wind Kitty
The photos here taken by MGS (Mars Global Surveyor)   

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