Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The name Snow White

Someone asked "What is Snow White's real name?" and my answer is:
That is her real name. Before Snow-White was born, her real mother was sewing a napkin by the window and she watched the snow falling. Then she pricked her finger with the needle and three drops of blood fell on the sewing. There were three colours: Black, red and white. Black is the ebony window frame, as well as the thread. White is the snow and the napkin. Red is blood. When the three drops of blood fell on the snow/napkin, she looked at the way the colour red on white made her wish for a daughter. She wanted a daughter with hair like ebony, skin like snow and lips as red as blood. She then famously called her daughter “Snow White”. The queen soon had a daughter and then she died. Snow White’s father remarried and his second wife is the evil queen.
The three colours black, red and white appear again later when Show White grows up. Snow White’s step mother wanted to kill her. She escaped from the queen’s hunter and she ran through a forest with ebony trees. We could find this colour red appear in the form of a poisonous apple later on. The crystal coffin where Snow White was placed in was the colour of ice, snow and therefore white.
Hair, lips and body appear again after the story shifts to when Snow White lived with the seven dwarfs. The hair aspect is when a poisonous comb in her hair made Snow White collapse as if dead. Her skin/body (like snow) when Snow White is displayed in the white crystal coffin. Then lips appear again when the prince woke her up with a kiss. By kissing her, he brought her back to life and some of the apple lodged in her throat came out. Snow White survived, married the prince and finally the last of the three colours appear at the end of the story: Black, red and white.
Snow White was a bride dressed all in white. Her black hair the same colour as the horses of the prince. And the evil queen turned red and dies of burning from coal fire.  

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