Saturday, 20 January 2018

Moon of the Wolf

This is a review of the 1972 low budget "Moon of the Wolf."
I shall attempt this film reviewing on werewolf movies beginning with this one. I'll try to be fair. This was a murder mystery when a woman was found dead in the woods. It was never clear if she died because of wild dogs or murdered by a human, so the viewer aims suspicion at the doctor. When the doctor admits that he was the victims' lover, it all became strange. Did he kill her? It took the word of a neighbour to say that the victim was pregnant. The doctor knew about it but wouldn't reveal this vital information to the town sheriff.
There are not many characters in the film. It stars David Janssen, Barbara Rush and Bradford Dillman. It was directed by Daniel Petrie. This is a mystery horror with no gore but definate scary moments. The most frightening scene was when the werewolf entered the jail.
Plenty of lovely scenes of the bayou, woods, the mansion and it's garden. Shocking moment when the werewolf appeared trapped in a burning barn. Major spoiler when the actual person who is the real werewolf suffers when entering a house with garlic and smoking sage.
My rating and opinion is 5/10.
Disappointments: It felt as though there could've been more to this. How did the werewolf come to be in the first place and why did no one else notice before? This is a pretty quiet and slow film, and looks quite old fashioned now but is charming as well as entertaining.       
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