Sunday, 28 January 2018

Gloom Girls Project portal

This is a portal of the Gloom Girls Project. These are powerful ladies of darkness, hate, beauty and grotesque blood thirsty traits. Women murderesses who broke ideas and killed many. Devolving the way people think of women.
I've written these posts recently and last year. They will be included with other similar subjects I've posted. It's the total opposite to the "Golden Girls Project".
Gloom Girls are villains of their day. They're also cursed and demonic. I made just some of these ladies but there are many others. Among the Gloom Girls are queens, empresses, ladies, monsters and slayers.
Wu Zetian
Countess Bathory
The fear of ghost girls in horror
Lizzie Borden
Bloody Mary
Saint Olga
Lucrezia Borgia
Zhao Feiyan
Julia Agrippina Minor
Irene of Athens

by Rayne

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