Sunday, 29 May 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Sienna Sköllblod

I live in the tallest house on Crescent Moon Avenue. It was built this way to house a litter of 20 children of the former mayor, who lived here 100 years ago. I'm the great granddaughter of the youngest of those 20 children: Sienna Skollblod. My parents names me after my great grandmother because she was quite famous. She became a pilot, an adventuress and a huntress. She did have one very weird trait though. She transformed into a white arctic wolf every full moon and when she did this, she was strong and protected the whole town.
Skollblod was beautiful as her hair was white and she had piercing yellow eyes. As a human she was athletic built and very good at sports. I can never be like her.
I'm not athletic in any way. I'm not one to protect the whole community, as I suffer anxiety and don't like humans. They've tried to kill me all my life because I can't walk properly. I rely on aides. As a wolf, I'm blazing white and have a limp. Other werewolves shun me.
However, I have one trait that makes me strong. I can make fire and eat fire. I breathe fire. Some think I'm a freak of nature. I can do these things both as wolf and a girl.
I'm 20 years old. I let my hair grow matted and some are in half dreadlocks. My family are disgusted by me. They're ashamed because I have a physical disability and unsociable. Werewolves, like wolf packs, are meant to be social. I'm far from it. I want nothing to do with people or werewolves. I wish to be on my own.
When I was 5 years old I was attacked by a vicious cat from the neighbourhood and in self defence I spat flames at it. The cat disappeared in a cloud of ash. My parents beat me severely.
My room is in the chilly attic, with only one electric stove and a thin window I cannot see out of because it's stained blue. I have a swinging lamp, triangle bookshelf, a mattress instead of a bed, old stuffed toys that I've destroyed in childhood (like puppies chew toys to pieces) and no one replaced them for me.
My brothers and sisters have nice rooms and they have everything they want. They've moved out, all married now. I'm still at home, and I choose to be in my attic room. I never feel the cold.
My ancestor was the werewolf king Skoll. In legends he is said to be only in wolf's form who chases the sun until the end of the world. Then he's supposed to devour the sun whole.
That sun was really a powerful sun priestess in prehistoric Sweden, who was subdued by Skoll and then murdered. The king was a cannibal and as wolf, he ate people and displayed their bones in his palace. Don't blame me for the evil of my ancestor.
I'm just tainted now with the ability to burn things and it's best I stay away from everyone.
My family have a crest with the wolf Skoll eating the sun. 

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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