Monday, 23 May 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Pamela Hatidottir

I was born in a shadow village in the silent volcanic hills of the far north. I'm a teacher and a translater of ancient Nordic languages as well as a professor in archeology.
You would have met my South American colleague, Izel Coztic Cuetlachtli, otherwise named Yellow Wolf. She introduced herself before as did my other friend, the charitable Emily Moonstone.
I originally come from Iceland but my family moved to Canada when I was seven years old.
As you are aware, Fenrir's Daughters is a vast association of werewolf women from all over the world. Some of us have introduced ourselves and many more have yet to. Others choose not to.
My traits of werewolf shapeshifting is considered unique. Other werewolves transform either in anger or during the full moon. I transform under the full moon yes, but I'm not just a wolf in my second form. I'm also pale as the moon and my fur is luminous. My wolf eyes turn cold and electric neon blue. My fangs become deadly as snake venom. My paws leave frost wherever I walk, even in the heat of summer. To the touch, I'm like ice and I've made fingers numb with cold. My friends and lovers have touched me in my wolf shape, not really knowing who I am of course. They love animals which is a good thing.
As a wolf, I'm cold, bright and bitterly cold as the moon itself.
I'm a descendant of Hati Hrodvitnisson, the legend. The same figure who appears as the enemy wolf that devours the moon during the end of the world. Well, my great grandfather wrote about this. He said that our ancestor, Hati was a werewolf creature and a powerful lord. He was nicknamed War Wolf, because he turned into a great vicious wolf in battle. Hati lived in a black castle and was feared by many. He was as infamous as Count Dracul and he was a tyrant of the Bronze Age.
From Hati, I carry the blood of the moon.
It was one warm Spring morning that I was carrying a basket of bread. I was a child back then and I wanted to see my dying grandmother. She lived in a cottage only half a mile away from my parents house. Mother wanted me to go there and give her the fresh bread mother baked.
I wore a red coat with a hood. Yes, typical. I looked like Red Riding Hood. I never made it to grandmother's cottage, because a man abducted me and threatened to kill me. I was too young to turn into the wolf, I had not developed this trait, it was before puberty. Werewolf shapeshifting happens after puberty for our family. However, my grandfather rescued me and tore the horrible stranger to shreds. Sadly, hunters heard the screams of the man and shot dead my grandfather. They took me back to my parent's house. My poor grandmother had died that night and I'm wondering if the news caused her pain.
I discovered that the man who abducted me was a lone hunter, who felt it was his "moral" duty to destroy the world of werewolves. Even us werewolves are always afraid of strangers, and we teach our young ones to never go out alone.  

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