Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Maria Storm

It was a beautiful full moon night, and the Spring blossoms floated passed my window. Transparent and luminous butterflies danced in the orchid. Glorious white rabbits stood proud in the garden. I was never going to eat them. They were all statues.
Beside me was the glowing ipad, a type not available to the general public mind you. It was created by a company that makes tech for those few that are paranormal inclined.
I use it to understand the hidden atlas of the local district, showing various different roads and streets that are not visible on basic satellites. They would be impossible to find, but I have the hidden atlas. I used it yesterday to meet my friends in the Blood Moon cafe.
I live in my parent's house in the hidden town of Lustre, in the hidden side of Berkshire. What I can say is that certain laws are different than you think. The law of physics isn't as easy to understand. I'm not going to tell you this boring scientific stuff.
I want to say that I'm in trouble.
The regular police wouldn't understand. I'm worried about the police on the hidden side. And I'm more concerned about they and the Night Patrol who are powerful... children. Ages from 12 to 19, in striped uniforms, clownish harlequin style hats, equipped with lasers and mini devices that set off ear piercing alarms. They also carry nasty flashing guns with strobe light effects that are blinding to everyone else except to them. They keep switching those things on.
The Night Patrol kids are nicknamed "imps" by many.
At the moment there is a curfew and no one is allowed to go out after dark. Night Patrol imp kids are very good at frightening people into staying indoors. I must admit that I find them a bit scary.
They're not regular humans either, I'm certain.
They're not afraid of us werewolves. Nothing seems to scare them.
I came close to a girl imp once as she caught me taking a stroll in the neighbourhood with my wolf senses on alert. She was smaller than I, but spoke with authority and was very commanding, mature and dominant in her voice. She must've been only 15 years old. She used her flashing light to upset me as she told me to go home. She followed me to the gate and stood watching to make sure that I was inside. She even yelled at me to lock my own front door.
I admit that these imps or night police kids are most needed in the regular human world! That wouldn't happen though.
Now I'm worried because I accidently slipped out of my boyfriend's house to enjoy the full moon as a wolf, ignoring curfew.  I avoided the imps as much as I could. I made it home and still the imps knew someone was outside. Voices of imps in the street got my heart racing. When they flashed their lights and put on their alarms, I was in panic. I heard them running up and down the street. They knew someone had definately been outside.
So the authorities will be interviewing everyone in the neighbourhood tomorrow.These would be the adult officials, and they don't care if someone went outside in a wolf shape or not.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

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