Friday, 6 May 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Sapphire Wolfmoon

My name is Sapphire and my family name is Wolfmoon. It is truly spelt this way:  
ماه گرگ
On ancient record books, gravestones and ancestral diaries, the name Wolfmoon appears to glow silver. The written name always glows at night. It's the mark of the wolf ancestors, who we descend from.
According to tradition, we hunt once a year in the Spring. We don't use weapons. We become wolves. During the Spring, we celebrate Moon Feast, during the first week of May and crown a beautiful Moon Princess in the carnival. Last year, I was crowned Moon Princess and got to wear a beautiful dress. It was actually a sparkling coronet with flowers. This year, I will pass my coronet to the next princess who I know is my cousin, Shirin, who is just sixteen.
In the Spring, I am allowed to go fishing with my brothers and sisters. I like patience but my siblings do not and they end up playing and scaring off the wildlife. I'm 18 years old and still in school as mother wants me to progress another few years, but I will transfer to the academy next term.
My great grandmother, still alive and well over 110, gave me a beautiful necklace with a locket made of marble and inside it was a tiny picture of a wolf that was her great grandmother who was born in the 18th Century. Imagine how long ago that is! Sometimes I sense my foremother around me and she's so kind.
I've never seen a ghost. My brothers and sisters claim to but I don't know if they're lying or not. They love telling stories. I'm not a person to lie but I enjoy telling jokes and pulling pranks.
So I put a coin in my catch's mouth. It was a pike and when we took it home, mother cut it and found the coin. The joke turned into a thing of wonder, which isn't what I was hoping for. I wanted my mother to think the fish was able to swallow money. Instead, they thought it was a miracle.
As a werewolf, I change shape every full moon but I'm not allowed to go outside. We stay indoors. Father is making that rule to keep us safe from hunters.

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