Monday, 18 July 2011

Being among wolves

What is it like to experience life with real wild wolves?
How is it like to be close to nature and listen to the sound of true wolves howling?
Is it easy to befriend wild animals and wolves?
What about adventures close to the wilderness?

I've got to say that Shaun Ellis has been an inspiration to many. He's a naturalist and a researcher into wolves, who made very good personal documentaries on TV about wolves, and he's written books on the subject. Have a look at some of his wolf companionships: Meet the Pack

Now I think it's human nature to be protective of the wild, even though yes humans are responsible for the environmental damage. This is not actually human nature but the system and it's machine. Human beings love to be close to nature.

Women love baby animals, and women love wolf pups. This one bright example is shown here by the actress Hayden Panettiere. I love children and I also love baby animals. I can't resist cuddling cats and puppies.

So how did human beings start domesticating the wild wolf? My theory is that people found some abandoned wolf pups and they adopted them. Perhaps there was more to it than this but I'm sure someone couldn't resist looking after the small pups. This probably started the domestication process, from something simple.  Later these house wolves grew to depend on humans.

According to Facts About Wolves the wolf is "Highly intelligent" and this is interesting. Wolf packs consist of hierarchies dominated by two alphas, the male and female (king and queen). The alpha female produces young for the pack. Hunting is commanded by the alpha male. Even so the wolves themselves are incredible, and there are amazing stories about them.

Look at Living with Wolves  and this page featuring books.

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