Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My view of the prostitute

Prostitution, it goes back since the dawn of history and regarded as the oldest profession in the world.

Today it has a grim reputation. There are many poor girls and women who are in this profession out of desperation and need. Also there are other types of prostitutes that are there for other reasons. One thing to remember is that all prostitutes are taking a risk by entering a type of job which carries a lot of danger. For this I have a lot of respect for prostitutes as they are in at the deep end, meeting all kinds of people, some of who don't have their interests at heart.

My view is that a professional prostitute, a career minded prostitute, someone who takes it very seriously and knows what they're doing and is in control (meaning she decides to quit if she wants), should be considered no different to a businesswoman because that is what she is really. Are they much different to, say for example, an acrobat or a fire eater?  

Women who become prostitutes do so for a variety of reasons. I'm not one and I don't know any prostitutes, but I have read about them.

Prostitution should be regulated more and it needs some proper reorganisation and a sense of community amongst it. They ought to have a tier system with some looking after the vulnerable, and there needs to be amongst them a firm global union that cares about it's prostitutes. It could be, in an ideal world, a type of nice business instead of something sleazy. Each person in the sex industry must always be healthy. They could develope external skills in medicine, accountancy, counselling and academia so that they grow as an established people and use those skills to help one another. Each prostitute must never be left open to just about anyone who comes along to see them. Future prospective clients should also be tested.  

There is far too much danger and wrongs riddled throughout the sex industry and women (sadly some very young women too) have been exploited. There should be system within the sex industry that protects these women from harm so that they feel safer with their clients.Could the sex industry become regulated and have its own doctors and policing one day? Prostitution should divorce itself from crime and create a new respectability. These women should be looked upon as equals in our society as they're brave women. They are in a similar league to other types of workers and they have a rich history that teaches us about human nature.

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Painting above is "Carp Fairies" by Hiliuyun

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