Friday, 15 July 2011

Lupin flavoured ice cream

Ice cream is the food we love in Summer. It's cool, refreshing, tasty and creamy. It's traditionally made from dairy produce and turns milky when it melts. An ice cream resembles a soft fluffy white cloud (some in a variety of colours) often in a wafer cone. Ice creams presented in many ways and forms. Ice cream in a cone or in glass is nice. An ice cream dollop in a fizzy drink is just one of my favourites. Lovely.

Now brilliant scientists at Fraunhofer have discovered a new ice cream formula. A type of ice cream made from flowers. It's dairy-free. These new ice creams are made from lupin plants. The lupin flower is a rich source of protein and is a special ingredient. This lupin flowered ice cream is called "Lupinesse".

For Lupinesse details read:
Healthy Ice Cream made from flowers instead of milk

For more info on the plant Lupins click Lupinus at Wikipedia.

"From Rome to the Andes, lupin bean pods have long been cultivated for food." Source

The Lupin flower has a link with lycanthropy and wild wolves. From Teen Witch: "The name of this plant is a reference to ancient worship of the wild wolf as a wolf-god."


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