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Fenrir's Daughters: Jasmine Greywolf

Hello, my name is Jasmine Greywolf and I'm 21 years old. I'm in an international club called Fenrir's Daughters, filled with members who are women werewolves. Recently I got married to a handsome man named Hemming and he's a werewolf. This is my story.
The wedding was on a dreary morning in April. That was arranged by Nina, my mother in law. I hadn't met her until the wedding but she worked as a key player in organising the reception, paying for the venue, transport and food. She paid for the honeymoon weekend. It was in Hawaii and that was a magical dreamy time full of warm romance.
When mother, sisters and I went to the bridal shop months ago to get my measurements, the shop assistant told me that she can make me a "surprise gown" all designed by Nina herself. That's right, Nina got me the dress. I didn't actually see it until the morning of my wedding!
The dress arrived in a box and when I opened it, my eyes stared at this thing. The bridal dress was jet black! It was like something fit for a funeral and not a wedding. I ended up with a shiny oily looking black tiara. My bouquet was full of black dhalias, orchids and red roses. The shoes were also black. Perhaps Nina wanted me cursed wearing black!
"Don't worry sweetie," mother said optimistically. "I can turn you into a princess no matter what."
She tied a silver ribbon around my hair and pinned pink roses across the brocade of my dress.  Mother sprayed my hair in glitter, and put on my make-up and silver jewellery.
The wedding came and went. It was fun, despite the dress. I came to like the dress anyway. Nina, my mother-in-law was so pleasant and charming towards me and she was more beautiful than I imagined.
Hemming and I returned from out honeymoon and we had to live with Nina for a month until our own house was ready. Yes, Nina was sorting that out too. Nina was arranging for me to have my own "boudoir" in the house. She started planning the decor, the landscaping of the back garden of which I've never seen at the time. She wanted me to start working in her office, under her business in the fashion industry. She wanted me to cut and curl my hair and change the way I dress. Then she started acting weird.
"Don't wear the colours red, orange or black everyday," Nina told me one day. "Those are sacred colours to be worn only for special occasions."
I have many clothes (day wear) in these colours. I wasn't allowed to wear them. She convinced me to give them away to charity and she replaced them with colours of her choice.
What was the issue?
One day, Hemming and I moved into our house. Nina was there with us. It was basically a copy of her house! The boudoir she designed for me was something only she would like, it was very grim with black, grey and brown colours. It wasn't comfortable. She insisted I will get used to it.
"Hemming, why is your mom doing this?" I asked my husband.
"Because she cares about us," he said.
During the first full moon of our life together in our new house, we became wolves and ventured into the garden. It smelled of Nina. I couldn't help it. I was growling from fear. My hind fur stood up on end. I bared my teeth. I didn't like Nina anymore. My wolf side hated Nina and regarded her as a threat. I wanted to kill her. Those were my wolf instincts. It was just as well Nina wasn't there or I would've destroyed her.
When I regained humanity and became a woman the following morning, I remembered those drastic feelings as a wolf. I changed my feelings about my marriage to Hemming and saw his mother for what she is: controlling and a bully.
"What do you mean you want a divorce!!!!" Hemming shouted at me.
Yes, I proposed it that morning. I want out of the marriage and be away from his overbearing awful mother. I didn't really love him, I realised. It was all prearranged because I'm from an alpha family as he is. This isn't what I wanted.
"Sorry," I said. "I can't cope with all of this. Your mother is trying to alter me as a person and I'm not having it anylonger. I'm your wife. Not her slave!"
We argued. He finally left slamming the door behind him.
He will return later, I know, and bring Nina with him! I got in the car and drove away, not to my parents' house. I drove further away and checked into a hotel. Divorce will be difficult and Nina will make sure of this. One night, under a full moon I was in a street of a suburb. I wanted to disappear into the woods. Then something stalked me, it was Nina!
We had a fight, and much blood was shed. Someone heard us, and fired at us. I fled quickly and the bullet went into Nina. I ran off into the woods.
Nina was found dead the next morning covered in blood. In the end Nina was out forever and I didn't have to kill her. I was finally able to divorce Hemming without her influence. He could keep the house. Now I can wear the colours red, orange and black whenever I want to. She can't stop me anymore. I'm an alpha and so was she. We were meant to be rivals. One of us had to die.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

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