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Fenrir's Daughters: Gwenda Nightshade

The flames turned blue in the small glass globes as I clipped them upon each ear. The dangling fiery earrings were heavy. I wanted to take them off. Those in my pack clan stared at me and they knew I was in discomfort with those fire balls on my ears.
"When will this finish?" I asked pleadingly to the pack leader, Sierra the alpha.
"When your initiation is complete," she said with her pretty cool smile. Sierra was beautiful with mahogany hair and green eyes. She wore shining clothes and metals that smelled like the hot fires they were prepared in. Sparks crackled in her hair when she moved.
"Now Gwenda," Sierra and a girl whose name I don't know, both held two small crowns. One of them was fatal and if worn it could kill the wearer. The other was ordinary metal. They handled both crowns with gloves and put the crowns on a red pillow.
"Pick one, Gwenda," Sierra ordered.
I could smell the toxic poison from the crown on the left. Both were identical. I placed the poison smelling crown atop my head. It wasn't actually silver but steel. I could smell it's industrious origins from a steel plant. It was the safe one.
"Well done, Gwenda," Sierra said. "You selected the right choice. The other is made from pure silver and could've killed you. Now you're part of my pack."
I took off the crown and the fire ball earrings. The blue flames within had gone out. Initiated into Sierra's Glow Moon Pack. She was in charge of it. Sierra is daughter of alphas and is supposedly a geneticist. She's too far out there in my view to be the typical scientist. Yet she owns a pack of werewolves, consisiting of all of the towns people who are werewolves by nature. As I moved here just three months ago, I was allowed to join.
Maybe I shouldn't have done. I'm an omega werewolf. I turn into a werewolf every full moon, and I'm subordinate to the moonlight and pack. I'm supposed to do as I'm told.
The werewolves in this town, and in my hometown, have always treated me like rubbish. I was bullied, picked on, spied upon. I'm not allowed to choose my own path in life. I'm the imprisoned one and if I dare choose my destiny in life, they will kill me.
Sierra promised to change all that for me. She said: "Gwenda, you're now in my pack, darling, and you are free to be whoever you want to be. You're a beautiful young woman with gorgeous white hair. You can aspire greater things in life too."
She's like my fairy godmother.
When I was initiated into her pack, I felt so happy that I made myself drunk silly on wine that evening. Perhaps it's a good thing I moved here afterall.
"How are you feeling?" asked Tangerine, my neighbour, who lived in the next apartment.
"I feel better than before!" I said, still tipsy as I wobbled in the corridor and fumbled for my keys.
Tangerine was smiling and I understood that she understood. She's a werefox and I envy the foxes as they have such wonderful freedom. I unlocked the door to my apartment and then my phone vibrated.
"Who is it?" I asked when I pressed reciever.
"Gwenda, it is us," said an unfamiliar man's voice.
"You know who we are."
"No I don't!"
"You've joined Sierra's pack."
"How do you know?" I asked feeling panic. "Once again I'm asking who are you?"
 "Let us say we're your big wolf family. Remember to know your place."
Then the phone went dead. I couln't trace the caller as number was witheld.
The following day I visited Sierra and told her about the strange phonecall. She made me coffee and told me not to worry about it. That was all she could say. Most of the time was spent an hour there listening to her talk about her lovely holidays in exotic places. I left feeling jealous of her but with a stomach ache and I vomitted blood in the street. I knew that there was some poison in that coffee. How could she? "Know your place" those words echoed.
I became a wolf that night under the full moon, and I ventured outside, needing to be with my new pack. Instead, I was confronted by a pack of unfriendly wolves that bit me. The local town werewolves didn't want to include me in their night run.
I now sit here miserable. Sierra gave me a job working as a cleaner in a hotel. What she did earlier was a ploy to make me want to join her pack and be her omega. If I hadn't of joined then I would be better off. Free as the fox woman who lives next door. I've decided that all I can do is share my story with Fenrir's Daughters.

 ((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

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