Thursday, 18 September 2014

Valkyrie Reginleif

Mentioned on a pillar at a 12th Century stave church in Ornes, Norway, this valkyrie is one of the ferocious and divine of the Valkyries.

Her name is Reginleif and she's "Daughter of the Gods". A demigoddess with supernatural abilities as opposed to being a mortal type of valkyrie woman and spirit. Let me describe Reginleif in a little more detail.

She's connected to a raven's banner. Her hair is the colour of pearl, and her eyes shimmer like silver stars. She wears armour and sometimes a cloak of black feathers. One of the more sinister and dark valkyries associated with blood, war, the occult and death, Reginleif rides on a black wolf named Heart-Biter (Hjartfanu).

She's listed in the Eddas. Here is an extract from Grimnismal that is quoting from Odin:

Hrist ok Mist
vil ek at mér horn beri,
Skeggjöld ok Skögul,
Hildr ok Þrúðr,
Hlökk ok Herfjötur,
Göll ok Geirahöð,
Randgríð ok Ráðgríð
ok Reginleif.
Þær bera einherjum öl.
I want Hrist and Mist
to bring me a horn,
Skeggjöld and Skögul,
Hildr and Þrúðr,
Hlökk and Herfjötur,
Göll and Geirahöð,
Randgríð and Ráðgríð
and Reginleif.
They carry ale to the einherjar.

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