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Oak tree and acorn spirits

The Oak tree is sacred to Thunor, the god of thunder. Used by many Gothi, warriors and men, oak wood is symbolic of masculine power, drawing on the divine and supernatural strike of His lightning bolts.There is magic of an oak tree but there are female deities and feminine spirits also associated with the mighty oak.

There are many spirits and other supernatural guardians of the oak, some look like animals and others like children. Also there are feminine powers of the oak tree that women can gain. Among the oak trees cast of divinities include girls who are spirits and goddesses that thrive in forests and the oaks are special to them. These are dryads, Hamadryads, fae, female light elves, yakshinis and Nang Ta-khian. Among the dryads are the Querqeutrulanae who belonged to the oak grove. The main hamadryad of acorn bearing trees was called Balanos. Goddess Diana fashioned her bows and arrows from oak trees, and the oak was sacred to Her.

The fact the oak tree is associated always with the male gods of thunder and lightning is the power of the tree and the nature as it pulls the strength from the sky towards it. The oak made into tools, weapons, carvings and even doors (particularly if the oak was already struck by lightning) creates a protection spell and acts as a guard. Men have been dominant in voicing their own affinity with the oak and much that has been written down is a fraction of oral traditions.

The fruits of the oak tree, the acorns, are well known for their shape and immortality. These acorns are edible and strong so when planted in soil, the roots begin growing quickly. There is magic of the acorns because these were gathered to induce fertility and spells made using them to increase the better of family, health and communal well being. Certain pagans, witches and healers carried acorns and oak galls as talismans.

Beside the protective and healing magical properties of the oak tree, one can also discover that spirits are linked to a piece of an oak tree, including it's leaves, acorns and twigs. Ancient druids used to cut from oak trees and make talismand and wands. They made sacrifices after climbing oak trees. The oak was important to the ancients.

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Art "Oak" by Anna Ignatieva

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