Friday, 25 July 2014

Sleeping near the Arrows

I've just returned from a camping trip at a site just down the road from ancient standing stones.The purpose was to visit the sacred stones, see the ancient town of Boroughbridge and enjoy some time roughing it at a nearby camping site. The standing stones are an impressive sight and they look really amazing.

The standing stones are called "The Devil's Arrows" and their other names are "The Three Sisters," "The Devil's Bolts" and "Three Greyhounds". I'll shorten the stones to calling them "Arrows" because of their shapes, very tall projectiles of millstone grit rock with almost forked tips that nature chiselled. There are three of these stones altogether, spaced across an area, but not an exact alignment. It's said that there are two other of these standing stone arrows but were removed centuries ago.

 The biggest of the three stones that are there today is the South stone, at seven metres tall. The South stone "lives" now in a small enclosure hidden by trees and surrounded by a wooden fence. It's almost hidden from view. Next to it is a stone marker explaining the origin of the Arrows. The middle stone and North stone are in a field. The middle stone is 110 metres away from the South stone and this stands at about 6.7 metres tall. The North stone is the smallest of the three Arrows and is set 60 metres away from the middle arrow and is 5.5 metres tall but is wider than the other two Arrows.  

The two stones in the field, middle and North stones, are alligned at NNW-SSE and would be in line with the summer moonrise. It's said that the South stone would've corresponded to the missing fourth and fifth stones. All three of the Devil's Arrows align with other megalith structures, including the Thornborough Complex and Nunwick Henge, Cana Henge, and others.

The roads travelling along the stones lead to the A1 motorway passing near the stones. There is a strange roundabout "garden" island in the centre of the junction where fairies may appear. The junction itself acts as a modern crossroads just beside the location of the stones. The A1 used to be called The Great High Road, and this particular road is haunted by phantom highwaymen such as Dick Turpin and Tom Hoggett.

When I was journeying to Boroughbridge there was a vivid light effect of rainbows from a glass panel. The trip wasn't ordinary. We did a rite at the standing stones and I touched the middle stone, which was nearer to where we stopped. A breeze whipped up and it was so lovely and cool, because that was a very baking hot day. The fields were full of dandilion seeds. I noticed a few little silvery orbs but couldn't tell if it was foliage or reflections or spirits. I felt a throbbing sensation coming from the standing stone when I touched it. These menhirs (standing stones) contain dense magnetic power or high magic, that some witches, druids and sorcerers have tried to suck out over the ages. The stones have a natural inbuilt defense mechanism to lock in the energy. Stones give out these energies at their own accord and when the time is right.

That night in camp, I went outside the tent and saw the whole site full of wild rabbits and hares. There were shiny looking moths, glow bugs, or fireflies, crickets, bats, night birds singing that I haven't heard before, and a tiny silver crescent moon above a pinkish haze. Everything was wet, although it hadn't been raining. Later on I suffered agonising sunburn and while I was recovering from this in the shade, I had sunburn looking rashes on my skin that wasn't exposed to the sun. I also found myself covered in grass and a moth was sat in my hair.

The standing stones are from the Neolithic period, and these huge menhirs were a focus of attention for thousands of years. The ancient main road (called A1 today) was a passage to go alongside the mehir stones and make their journey to as far north as Scotland or going deeper towards the south reaching London. 

The Devil's Arrows is also where crop circles form just in the field of these stones:

Devil's Arrows crop circle (Crop Circles Diagrams)

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