Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Poisonous & Beautiful: Box jellyfish

Now that Summer is here in full heat, think about what's there when you want to get to the beach and swim in the blue sea. Beware of the Box Jellyfish kind, as these have a nasty sting.

Box jellyfish are large, beautiful transparent hexahedron animals with fifteen long slender tentacles. These marine creatures move quicker than other types of jellyfish. Their many twentyfour eyes are found on their umbrellas and have incredibly strong eye vision. Along their tentacles are little cnidocysts, similar to stinging nettles, and it's used to trap their prey.

They are found usually in tropical climates, mostly in the seas around Australia and the Pacific ocean. Despite their prettiness, they produce a terrible venom and capable of killing humans. Many jellyfish produce killer stings also and unlike them, box jellyfish are quicker, moving as fast as four knots, and they look nearly invisible or the colour of water.

Their venom is said to be the most deadliest in the world. Apart from sea turtles, who are immune to the poison from box jellyfish, is a natural predator of the animal. Jellyfish stings and poisons is used to protect themselves from other predators and to help them catch prey. So keep this in mind when you go out surfing and bathing in the warm seas.


Jelly Watch
The Australian Box Jellyfish

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