Thursday, 12 September 2013

Living vegetables

It's been researched that flowers and plants are capable of producing sound. People who love trees, forests, garden plants and flowers feel a special bond, nurturing them to grow and some eccentrics will chat to them.  I can think of the plant orchestra that can be listened to by a special audio. Plants respond to external sounds. There might be a reason for the way plants react and especially seeds. Now insects communicate through sounds and they seem to respond to plants in a way that they understand and can hear plants making their own signals.

It's said that different plants make different sounds. They don't play music like the garden flowers did in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" animation film. Yet it's not really far off though. Consider the way each flower communicates and interacts with everyone. They shunned a miniature Alice because she wasn't part of their orchestra and they thought she was a weed. So in a way wild flowers and other flowers don't get on too well.

I discovered that letting wild plants to grow instead of getting rid of them, actually helped make the garden greener. It attracted more bees, butterflies and other healthy insects to thrive there. Many little spiders appeared on webs. New flowers bloomed, making way for berries that I didn't know was there before. The other flowers and shrubs are doing okay.

Do vegetarians realise that they're eating living creatures? Vegetables are no different than trees and flowers or even animals. They also produce sounds and they communicate and give out vibes. They have auras. They resonate with the other plants and they interact with insects, the soil, stones and other plants. Vegetables are more intense and complex because they're full of vitamins and minerals, edible to humans, while flowers and trees are not. We could go onto discuss fruit and nuts too as well but this is for another post. These vegetables are grown from the soil and have roots contained in the dirt. They collect nourishment from the sky and earth. There are so many myths and folklore about vegetables.

Eating vegetables is important as drinking water. Vegetables are a biological mineral with nutrients and they each have spirits. Sometimes veggies are able to transfer into a tapestry of energy after we eat them and it's the chemicals and supplements that do this. These messages from the vegetables are consumed too and appear in our health. 

Facts on some vegetables:

Radish = It originated in China. Pyramid builders ate radishes. Ancient Greeks considered radishes food that the gods ate. Radishes are medicinal. 
Potato = Potatoes originated from South America. It was imported to the rest of the world after the Spanish conquistadors named it. Potato is full of starch and is considered unhealthy.  
Carrot = Carrots come from the Middle East and is full of healing properties. Carrots are supposedly magical. Centuries ago, carrots were a variety of colours, mainly purple. Today they are all orange.  
Peas = Originated in Southern Europe and the Near East and grown for thousands of years. Peas were considered a type of confection "sweet" by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Peas contain vitamins, minerals and fibre.   
Beans = They originate from the Americas. Bean pods are edible and medicinal as well as and possibly more than beans. 
Broccoli = This is part of the cabbage family. It can be more powerful than modern pharmacuetical medicines. It beats cancer cells in some experiments. High in fibre, vitamins and folate.
Cabbage = This is the oldest vegetable in the world. It's rich in vitamins and other supplements and very medicinal. They contain defenses against some cancers and high in Vitamin K and zero fat.  
Pumpkin = These pumpkins originate from north America. Used as Halloween lanterns, pumpkins are also made into a soup, stew, pie and cake. Associated with autumn months. Pumpkins are high in nutrients. Pumpkin seeds are filled with calcium, vitamin C and fat.   
Turnip = A native vegetable of Europe. Eaten in the summer months, turnips were also kept in vinegar in winter. Filled with medicinal and healing properties. 
Leek = Leeks are part of the onion family but are gentle on the mouth. It's said they originated in Egypt but also some evidence shows leeks coming from India. 
Corn Salad = Another name for it is "Rapunzel". Often looking like weeds, these edible plants are often added to soup.
Melon = Originated from Asia, melons contain potassium and vitamins.
Cucumber = This first came from the Far East. They are used as a medicine to treat skin problems and burns.
Pepper = There are many types of peppers grown all over the world. Some are flaming hot and others are mild to sweet. There are many colours ranging from red, yellow and green.
Onion = These were cultivated for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians found onions as sacred. Many have found onions to treat illnesses and boost strength and fertility. It has been used as an insect repellent. It's mostly filled with water and chemicals.

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