Thursday, 26 September 2013

Gentle feminine leadership

It's popular for women to be aggressive and in your face, just to succeed in life and get what they want. For women in positions of authority, they think taking on macho characteristics helps them improve to better positions. Also being fierce and cruel is a trait adopted by female bosses. It's well known that such powerful women have been unpopular, feared, or stirred up tension. Women such as Margaret Thatcher was called the "Iron Lady". Other women who captured adoring fans with severe dancing and singing tend to be the norm. Powerful women and women in key positions give out this strong, angry, aggressive, vicious, witchlike public displays of working. The seas are not always stormy. Calm gentle seas can be just as good or better. The forgotten and unfashionable trait of being soft, calm and gentle for a woman in power can be just as affective and even more influential.

Gentler women in history
The quiet, gentle and calm women of history that have made such an impact because of their softer approach includes a variety of famous individuals that have reached out to many. These women are queen Nefertiti, Sappho, Praxilla, Florence Nightingale, Mary Shelley, Jane Austin, Marie Curry, Marilyn Monroe, Louise Brooks, Sarah Bernhardt, Veturia, Cornelia, Saint Helena,  Mother Theresa, Molly Pitcher, Grace Kelly, Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, Pocahontas, Olga of Kiev and these are just a few.

Gentler women in myth and stories
The most well loved soft, kind-hearted, gentle and even maternal female figures tend to be the most powerful. They include the fairy godmothers in "Cinderella", the twelve fairies in "Sleeping Beauty", the blue fairy in "Pinocchio", Glenda the good witch and Ozma in "Wizard of Oz" adventures and Mother Holle. Such women have supernatural abilities. They are an echo of ancient myths, with stories of the Graces, Norns, Fates, who weave destiny, and the benign mother and daughter goddesses of sky, sea and earth.

Gentle natured women today
It's rare to find powerful women in key positions of authority who use gentleness and sweetness to charm their way. But really this isn't a trait that most other women have any longer because it may be considered "weak" but it isn't. With anger there is calm. Being gentle means being compassionate towards others. There are some gentle natured women in influence today that are popular, considered icons of the year and "mother" figures to the nation. The present chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, is called "mother" because she does emit a calm gentle warmth. In entertainment, Holly Willoughby is a fairy godmother type who appears on TV. Both are feminine, non-aggressive and have a wide influence.

Look at it this way, in nature itself balance and harmony is better observed than disharmony. 


  1. ...always a delight coming here! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart!...(O:

  2. Very well said! Women behaving like men and aggressive men at that is very unpleasant and mars a woman`s character.
    In the business world some women feel they have to outman the men but this is unnecessary and they could achieve far more being feminine and natural. Indeed the typical non-aggressive feminine characteristics are if anything an advantage in many businesses today where aggressive tactics are frowned upon and co-operation and respect are regarded as positive things. Indeed one could almost say that it is to the advantage of men too be a little less macho at work and learn from the ways of women.