Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sapphire - Wolf of September

The birthstone of September is a "Sapphire" and it's considered lucky to wear a sapphire stone if you were born in this month. September birthstone

The stone Sapphire is a very beautiful blue coloured gemstone but there are other sapphires in different hues. It is often used in technology and industries. Sapphire stone source

The sapphire is, for September-born people, a potent and personal gift.

Blue sapphire healing

Blue Sapphire can help you gain self-mastery—that is, mastery of your mind, emotions, and physical body. To understand how Blue Sapphire does this, it’s necessary to understand certain aspects of the mind. The mind is complex and comprised of many levels, or areas. Thoughts are formed at the highest level of the mind—that which is closest to your purely spiritual aspect. There, thoughts are generated continually; indeed, a new thought is born every moment. Ultimately, you have the power to discriminate and choose which thoughts you wish to have. This is an important choice, because your thoughts feed and otherwise profoundly affect your emotions and physical body. 
Blue sapphires help in certain alternative medicines and even some actual science.

For more about sapphires and other gems go here:
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The "Sapphire Wolf" might as well be the wolf for this month, whoever was born in September, whether is is those born under Virgo (23 August- 22 September) and Libra ( 23 September - 22 October).

September born Virgo people are flowery but ornery.
September born Libra people are fruity but grabby.

Maybe wear a sapphire for many purposes other than when you were born.


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