Friday, 23 September 2011

A Fall in Autumn

The time of Winter Finding, the autumnal equinox and harvest festivals, celebrated now. It's also here that the celebrations and rituals of Fall (another name for Autumn) comes at a time during the estimated crash from UARS.

The UARS is a dead satellite that has been tracked across the skies. It's expected to fall somewhere on Earth today (23rd September 2011), but NASA say they don't know where the UARS is going to land. Much of it has already broken up in the atmosphere but there is still a concern. So if you happen to be outside celebrating Fall / Autumn please watch out!

Some satellite tracking sites are unavailable. This may be because of intensity of traffic? Well I managed to locate some other tracker site called "Heavens Above" and you can go and see where UARS is now:

To locate where UARS is
(I refresh the page every so often as the falling satellite keeps moving, spiralling downwards.)

For more information on UARS:
Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite - Wiki
UARS main page

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