Monday, 15 August 2011

Mysterious beasts of gold

Beside an Aztec pyramid called the Templo Mayor, Mexico City, was discovered the remains of a wolf, or a dog. It had been buried 8ft deep in the ground there for centuries, within the confines of stone. The canine's body was wearing a fine set of jewels, precious metal and gems that sparkled:
Turquoise stones, gold and a jade collar!

The archeological team unearthed this quite wonderful dog/wolf in 2008 that was covered in jewels. The jewelled wolf or dog was named "Aristo-Canine". For more about this archeological team who discovered the Aristo Canine and other findings at the same pyramid site, click here. There are other creatures who were covered in jewels.

It isn't just the Aztec pyramids or animals found there buried in jewels.

From the sky, when flying across the Nazca region of Peru by airplane, cast your eyes to the landscape and see the awesome giant carvings of animals! Or instead look at websites with photos of Nazca Lines, and also perhaps visit Google Earth that would help you to locate it. For some images of these shapes, visit here.

The subject of animal find in the early Americas is huge but I shall only leave this open with my questions.

About the Aristo-Canine, why was this dog, or wolf, buried in such finery? Was it a royal pet? Was this particular animal considered special and if so why? Was it a sacrificial animal of some kind? Could this animal have been regarded as something spiritual or to do with magic? Well here is a clue as to who the Aristo Canine might've been:

"They had a great respect for the quality of faithfulness in dogs: when a nobleman died, a dog was often killed and buried with him to guide him on the long journey across rivers and mountains to the next world. In the case of a commoner a pottery model of a dog was often used instead". Source

Of the Nasca Lines and it's animals, everyone else is asking who made them and why? What were they used for? These mysterious shapes feature in the imagination. I refer you to the books by Erich von Daniken who covered this subject of  the ancient Americas and includes many photographs.

Regards to other animal mysteries of the Americas, there are some golden artifacts in the form of "birds". Some don't know why these were regarded as birds for they resemble nothing in the animal kingdom at all but they look like modern aircraft. Look at this for an example. My question is if these artifacts are meant to be birds, what kind of birds are they? In the ancient American myths there are some incredible birdlike beings.

Place your eyes on these beautiful golden and gemmed animals from the ancient American era:
Precolumbian Zoo Artifacts

For other details with images and stories:

Nazca Animal Geoglyphs

The above picture is a photograph of one of the Nazca Line animals, the "condor".

(As a kid of the 80's, I loved to watch the cartoon series "Mysterious Cities of Gold". [This is where I get the idea for the title of this entry from]. That cartoon was a long series, about exploring the ancient Americas in search for the lost city of gold. It had a giant flying aircraft in the shape of a golden condor! The Nazca Lines were also in this. I was introduced to the topic of the Nazca Lines after watching this cartoon.) 

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